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Concluded an industry-academia collaboration agreement with Kyoto Medical Center to enhance education on medical ICT

Kyoto Institute of Information Science and Kyoto Computer Gakuin (KCG Group), which are promoting education in the field of medical ICT (Information and Communication Technology), have recently concluded an industry-academia collaboration agreement with the National Hospital Organization Kyoto Medical Center (Director: Ikuo Konishi, 1-1 Fukakusa Mukohata-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto City).With the conclusion of this agreement, the two parties will work hand in hand to promote research and development and education in the field of medical ICT.

The agreement was signed in writing by Kyoto Computer Gakuen School Corporation (Chairman Akira Hasegawa) and Kyoto Joho Gakuen School Corporation (Chairman Wataru Hasegawa) with Kyoto Medical Center respectively.These include: o dispatch and introduction of teachers (lecturers) in charge of medical subjects; o implementation of student internships; o cooperation in the aggregation and analysis of medical information and joint research; and o holding ICT education and training sessions for medical staff, with the aim of fostering human resources who will be responsible for ICT in the medical field.

ICT has become a core element of various industries, and in the field of medicine in particular, ICT is rapidly advancing with the spread of order entry systems, electronic medical records, medical image analysis, clinical data analysis, medical fee details and billing management systems (receipt computers), and telemedicine systems.However, in the medical field, there is an overwhelming shortage of human resources who have both basic knowledge of medicine and medical treatment and ICT.In response to this, Kyoto Institute of Information has established the Next Generation Industry Course, which includes a medical health program, and Kyoto Computer Gakuin has established the Medical Information Course (3-year course) and the Medical Affairs Course (2-year course) in the Department of Applied Information in the Business Studies Department (Department B).

In 2005, KCG Group established Japan's first Department of Automotive Control at Kyoto Computer Gakuin, which links automobiles and ICT, with the aim of making broad use of ICT.In addition to medical care, the Next Generation Industry Course of Kyoto Institute of Information has themes and programs such as fintech (financial IT), agricultural IT, and marine IT, and the Applied Information Department of Kyoto Computer Gakuin has been established.