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KCGI's Emi and Prof. Kobayashi will present educational and research cases using ICT at the World Convention!

Associate Professor Keiji Emi of Kyoto University of Information Studies (KCGI) and part-time lecturer KCGI and Prof. Shinzo Kobayashi of Green Color Planet will hold ICT held in Baltimore, USA from May 22-24. At the Learning Impact Awards (LIA), a world tournament of advanced educational and research case studies, we will present practical examples of “Blended Learning” using wearable cameras.LIA is a global competition organized by IMS Global Learning Consortium, Inc. (IMS-GLC, established in 1997), a US organization that promotes the development, dissemination, and standardization of ICT that can be used in educational businesses worldwide. It will be held for the second time.This year, a total of 26 projects were announced from universities and companies in the United States, Japan, Singapore, Australia, and other countries that have won qualifying in various regions of the world, and each organization won the goal of winning the highest platinum medal. Compete.

Dr. Emi and Kobayashi “Practice of Blending Learning for the Next Generation of Agricultural Human Resource Development Using Wearable Cameras and Drones” (Practice of blended learning for the development of next-generation agricultural human resources using wearable cameras and drones) )), A farmer's beginner gained many years of experience by learning after watching the work video recorded by the wearable camera attached to the head of an experienced worker. Researched and developed a learning method that can efficiently acquire craftsmanship skills required for farming in a short period of time, won the IMS Japan Award in October 2017, and won the right to participate in this World Congress. did.The 4-minute video submitted to the IMS office explains the mechanism of this learning method in an easy-to-understand manner with the concept of “WAZA” (technique).In addition to the presentations for the judges, an exhibition booth will be set up to actively appeal the research results to visitors.This participation in the World Congress tells us that KCGI's education and research level, which has always practiced cutting-edge IT education, is at the world level.The results of the examination on May 24 (local time) are expected to be announced.

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