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KCGI professors Emi and Kobayashi will present their educational and research case studies of ICT utilization at the World Congress!

Associate Professor Keiji Emi of The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics (KCGI) and Professor Shinzo Kobayashi of Green Collar Planet, a general incorporated association and part-time lecturer at KCGI, will present a practical example of "blended learning" using a wearable camera at the Learning Impact Awards (LIA), a world conference for presenting advanced educational and research cases utilizing ICT, to be held May 22-24 in Baltimore, USA.LIA is the IMS Global Learning Consortium, Inc.This year will be the 12th World Congress organized by IMS-GLC (IMS-GLC, established in 1997).This year, a total of 26 projects from universities and companies in the U.S., Japan, Singapore, Australia, and other countries will be presented, and each organization will compete to win the "Platinum Medal," the highest award.

In their research titled "Practice of Blending Learning for the Next Generation of Agricultural Human Resource Development Using Wearable Cameras and Drones," Dr. Emi and Dr. Kobayashi researched, developed, and presented a learning method that enables novice farmers to quickly and efficiently acquire artisanal agricultural skills that require years of experience to master, by watching and learning again after hands-on work from a video recorded by a wearable camera attached to a veteran worker's head from their perspective.A four-minute video submitted to the IMS office explains in simple terms the mechanics of this learning method, based on the concept of "WAZA" (technique).In addition to presentations to the judges, we plan to set up an exhibition booth at the conference to actively promote our research results to visitors.KCGI's participation in this year's World Congress is a testament to the world-class level of education and research at KCGI, which has always practiced cutting-edge IT education.The announcement of the judging results on May 24 (local time) is highly anticipated.

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