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Bringing memories to the forefront of IT Sunny degree awarding ceremony and graduation ceremony

The 2008 KCGI Degree Ceremony and KCG Graduation Ceremony were held at the Kyoto Ekimae Satellite on March 19, and friends who had studied together at the KCG Group stood on the IT front line with many memories. .

KCGI's President Reiji Hasegawa awarded the degree, and KCG's Yumi Fujii, Principal Shohoku, Sumio Makino, Principal Kamogawa, Yoichi Terashita, and the principal of Kyoto Station awarded the diploma.Succeeding commemorative gifts were given by President Hasegawa and Reiko Hasegawa to the graduates and graduates who were selected for the KCGI / KCG Best Award and Excellence Award.The selection committee for the highest award and excellence award was professor Shigeru Eibo, KCGI, and Sadaichiro Yoneda, an advisor to KCG.

Next, Reiko Hasegawa, President of KCG, gave a ceremony.The director of the school has recently been recognized as the first distributed computer museum in Japan by the Information Processing Society of Japan, as well as the software that represents Japan. Introducing the alumni as president of the company CSK Systems.After calling for pride in his home school, “The technology-based country, Japan” is standing on the cliff due to the young people ’s departure from science.Graduates have a serious responsibility to pass the baton to the next generation without sacrificing it.“Take over the KCG tradition and cherish the connection with over 38,000 alumni as well as graduates, and play an active role as an IT pioneer in the ubiquitous era.”Toshiharu Hasegawa, President of KCGI, said, “Now that the storm of the global recession blows, now is the time for information technology to show its true value.I look forward to continuing my efforts and being able to broaden and deepen my knowledge. ”

On behalf of graduates and graduates, KCGI's Akira Yoshimura said, “IT is an infrastructure and we will make further progress in the future.“I want to make the best use of the technology and knowledge I have cultivated and contribute to society as an advanced engineer, and I will do my best as a member of my alumni for the development of my parent school.”

After the ceremony, the venue was moved to RIHGA Royal Hotel Kyoto and a celebration was held.Graduates and graduates, together with faculty and staff who have had joy and struggle so far, blossomed memories and vowed to make a leap forward.