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Going to the Forefront of IT with Memories of a Fine Degree Conferral Ceremony and Graduation Ceremony

The 2008 KCGI Degree Conferral Ceremony and KCG Graduation Ceremony were held at the Kyoto Station Satellite on March 19, 2008, and the students who have studied together at KCG Group left for the front lines of IT with many memories in their hearts.

KCGI President Toshiharu Hasegawa conferred degrees, and KCG Principals Yumi Fujii, Rakuhoku, Sumio Makino, Kamogawa, and Yoichi Terashita, Kyoto Ekimae, presented diplomas.Following the ceremony, President Hasegawa and Dean Yasuko Hasegawa presented commemorative gifts to the KCGI and KCG Grand Prize winners and the KCG Excellence Award winners, respectively.The selection committee for the Grand Prize and Excellence Award was chaired by Professor Shigeru Eiyasu of KCGI and Advisor Teiichiro Yoneda of KCG.

KCG Dean Yasuko Hasegawa then delivered the ceremonial address.The president reiterated that the "KCG Archives," which houses a set of computers used by the institute in the past, was recently certified by the Information Processing Society of Japan as the nation's first "Distributed Computer Museum," and that an alumnus was appointed president of CSK Systems, one of Japan's leading software companies.He called on the students to be proud of their alma maters and said, "Japan, a technological nation, is standing on the edge of a cliff as young people are losing interest in science and other subjects.You, the graduates, have a grave responsibility to pass the baton to the next generation without letting this be the downfall of the company.I hope that you will continue the tradition of KCG and become an IT pioneer in the age of ubiquitous computing, while cherishing your connections not only with alumni but also with the more than 38,000 alumni," he said in his farewell address.President Toshiharu Hasegawa of KCGI said, "Now is a good time for information technology to demonstrate its true value in the midst of the global recession.I hope that you will continue your efforts and further broaden or deepen your knowledge.

On behalf of the graduates and alumni, Mr. Akira Yoshimura of KCGI said, "IT is an infrastructure, and it will continue to advance further in the future.In his graduation address, he stated emphatically, "I would like to make the most of the skills and knowledge I have acquired and contribute to society as an advanced engineer, and I would like to do my best as a member of the alumni association for the development of my alma mater.

After the ceremony, the celebration was moved to Rihga Royal Hotel Kyoto.Graduates and alumni reminisced with faculty and staff with whom they had shared their joys and hardships, and pledged to make great strides in the future.