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“Great potential for the Japanese content industry”.Opened public lecture

Mr. Koyama talking about the market, business model, Japanese anime culture, etc.

The first overview of "Content Industry", a public lecture at Kyoto Information Graduate University (KCGI), was held on November 24 at the Kyoto Information University University Kyoto Station Satellite Hall and was a lecturer at KCGI. Mr. Yusuke Koyama, Associate Professor at Shibaura Institute of Technology, talked about Japanese content industry market, business model, Japanese anime culture, and so on.Many people and students visited and listened.

Mr. Koyama said, “Japan is said to have fallen economically, but it is a superpower of the world when viewed in terms of the national national cool.”Explains the current situation that Japanese hit works such as anime and games are born not only from major companies, books and magazines, but also from minor media and amateurs.Reasons why Japanese content is accepted from all over the world include “tolerance of values” such as erotic / violent expressions, religious tabulations, etc., “thickness and diversity”, “genre (anime) , Manga, Game, Ranobe, Figure, etc.) ”.On top of that, “Japan's manufacturing industry, such as automobiles and electric appliances, which are showing strength globally, has the feature that not only the technology of major companies is high, but the level of town factories that make small parts is also high.This is also true for the Japanese content industry.With the spread and development of the Internet, there will be great potential for the Japanese content industry. "

The open lecture “Contents Industry Special” will be held three times on Saturday, and introduces Japanese culture centered on coterie activities in anime, games, fashion, etc.Considering the contents of the activities, the market, and the impact on various societies, each special lecture is given by different teachers.The tuition is generally 3,000 yen each time, and students are free (student ID must be presented).

Future ◇ Cool Japan and Content Industry, December 15, Lecturer: Hitoshi Nakamura (Specially Appointed Lecturer at the University of Tokyo, Lecturer at Kyoto University of Information Sciences) Mr. Nobushige Shichijo (Specially Appointed Lecturer, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Lecturer, Kyoto University of Information Sciences)