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E-learning courses for working adults to acquire ERP certification

Professor Harufumi Ueda, who teaches ERP-related subjects
Professor Harufumi Ueda, who teaches ERP-related subjects.

The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics (KCGI) is offering a short-term training course for the first half of 2016 aimed at passing the ERP (Comprehensive Core Business System) Consultant Qualification Exam for adults.This course is based on KCGI's Credited Auditors System.The e-learning format allows working people to study and improve their skills without being restricted by time or location.The deadline for application is April 15.

KCGI offered a similar course in the fall of 2015, which was well received by the working adults who took it.

The FI (Financial Management) course will be offered in the first semester of 2016.There are four subjects: ▽ Enterprise Systems ▽ Business Integration and e-Business ▽ Financial Accounting System Development I ▽ Same, II-, aiming to acquire knowledge of ERP comprehensively and pass the qualification examination.

ERP is a method for managing and allocating a company's various resources (human resources, capital, equipment, materials, information, etc.) in an integrated manner, aiming to improve operational efficiency and optimize overall management.By uniformly and centrally managing the resources handled by the various departments and operations that make up a company, such as procurement and purchasing, manufacturing and production, logistics and inventory management, sales, human resources and payroll, and finance and accounting, we can eliminate inefficiencies caused by partial optimization of each department and achieve smooth coordination and linkage between procurement and production, production and sales, and other interrelated operations.An ERP package is a large-scale software package that includes systems for a variety of business operations. When implemented company-wide, it enables immediate information sharing and close collaboration between departments.

KCGI offers a system of Credited Auditors, which allows students to select only the courses they need from among the courses offered.Students can earn credits for courses taken through the Credited Auditors System by passing the final examination.