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I want to contribute as an information technology engineer while utilizing the network"-Degree Conferral Ceremony and Graduation Ceremony for the First Half of the 2011 Academic Year

"I want to contribute as an information technology engineer while utilizing the network."

The KCGI Degree Conferral Ceremony and KCG Graduation Ceremony for the first semester of 2011 were held on Friday, September 16, 2011, at the main hall of Kyoto Station Satellite, Kyoto Institute of Information Science.The students who have studied together at KCG Group have left the school with a strong desire to "contribute to society as information engineers in the advanced information society.

KCGI President Toshihide Ibaraki presented each graduate with a "Master of Information Technology (Professional)" degree, while the principals of Rakuhoku, Kamogawa, and Kyoto Ekimae schools presented each KCG graduate with a diploma.Afterwards, Mr. Young Kim of KCGI, who won the Excellence Award, received a certificate of commendation and a commemorative gift.

In his address at the ceremony, KCGI/KCG President Wataru Hasegawa said that the situation in Japan and abroad is in chaos due to the Great East Japan Earthquake and the threat of terrorism, stressing, "It is in times like these that we must continue to learn about technological changes and evolve ourselves.In the 48 years since its founding, the KCG Group has sent out approximately 40,000 graduates and alumni, building a large network.In the coming Asian era, I hope that you will take advantage of these networks and continue to nurture and utilize the friendships that transcend national boundaries that you have cultivated at KCGI and KCG," he said in his farewell address.

President Ibaraki prefaces his remarks by saying, "The accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant following the Great East Japan Earthquake has posed a major challenge to us in terms of how we will secure energy sources for the future.Our experience and track record in IT will help us control it," he explained.There are many opportunities for you to play an active role not only in smart grids but also in the advanced information society.I hope that they will carefully observe the trends of the times and demonstrate their abilities," he said in his address at the ceremony.

Then, on behalf of the graduates and alumni, Mr. Muneki Liang, a graduate of KCGI's Graduate School of Applied Information Technology, majoring in Web Business Technology, said, "I had a meaningful student life at the most traditional school in Japan, located in Kyoto, the historical and cultural capital of the country.It is a great asset to have friends from different careers and international students from different countries.I would like to contribute to society by utilizing the network and aiming for further improvement in the future," he said in his graduation address.At the end of the event, all attendees sang "Light of Fireflies" together.

Congratulations to all graduates and alumni.We sincerely wish you all the best in your future endeavors.