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Aim for Japan's representative!CG Animation Contest" Call for Entries

(2-5-11 Nihonbashi-Nishi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka, Japan) will hold the "CG Ani Cup 2012" (supported by the Embassy of Denmark and KYOTO CMEX Executive Committee, in cooperation with Google and Dwango) on October 27 at Kyoto Computer Gakuin Kyoto Ekimae School (10-5 Nishikujo Teranomae-cho, Minami-ku, Kyoto, Japan, 7 minutes walk from Kyoto Station Hachijo exit), where representatives from Japan, Taiwan and EU will compete in CG animation works as a "Media Arts Human Resources Development Support Project" by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.A "CG Animation Contest" will be held to select the Japanese representative work to participate in the event, and a wide range of independently produced CG animation works using personal computers will be accepted.

Entries may be submitted by professionals or amateurs, and there is no time limit on the length of the work (works entered in other contests are also acceptable).The deadline is July 31.

In the CG AniCup, CG animation creators from around the world bring their works and form teams according to country to compete in a team competition.Each team is composed of five members, and the works are presented in order from "Spearhead" to "General" in the same way as in team competitions of Judo or Kendo, and sometimes a presentation is added.The winners will be decided by the judges, visitors and spectators via the Internet, and the winner will be the one with three wins.Creators from Taiwan and the EU will bring their works to this year's AniCup.You can also watch the heated competition live on the Internet.

We look forward to receiving many entries to the CG Animation Contest in order to improve the level of animation in Japan and to foster human resources.

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