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“I want to apply my knowledge and technology to the reconstruction of the disaster-stricken area”

The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics (KCGI) degree awarding ceremony in 2010 Kyoto Computer Gakuin (KCG) The graduation ceremony was held on March 19th at the Kyoto Information Graduate University Kyoto Station Satellite Hall.While the great damage caused by the Great Tohoku Kanto Earthquake has been reported, the friends who have studied together with the KCG Group said, “For the reconstruction of the affected areas, we will make the most of the knowledge and technology we have cultivated so far to further advance and develop the social infrastructure. I began to learn from the strong desire to contribute.

At the beginning, all attendees offered a silence to the victims of the Great Tohoku Kanto Earthquake.Continue with KCGI President Toshihide Ibaraki Received a degree of “Master of Information Technology (Professional)” to graduates, and KCG graduates were awarded diplomas by Shohoku, Kamogawa, and Kyoto Station schools.After this, awards and memorabilia were awarded to graduates and graduates who were selected for the KCGI / KCG Grand Prize.

KCG in the ceremony Director Hasegawa Reiko Emphasized the Tohoku Kanto Earthquake and stressed, “We must share the pain with the people in the affected areas, and all of us must overcome this national disaster.”“I want you to have the opportunity to learn the importance of life and the importance of life,” he called to attendees.Also, for graduates and graduates who find employment, “workplace skills” that place importance on human relationships and mutual emotions in the workplace, and “field skills” that can resonate and sympathize based on dialogue with the surroundings. After asking them to cultivate, he gave his words, "Please hone your strong technical skills, socialize with colleagues in your workplace, and spend a fulfilling social life with pride."

“This great earthquake revealed that the information infrastructure is still vulnerable."As professionals specializing in information technology, we must seriously think about what we must do in the future."On the other hand, taking up the fact that the democratization movement sweeping North Africa and the Middle East was caused by ICT technology, “The advanced information society is still undergoing constant change.Find the right things for the times and challenge them actively, ”he said.

Next, on behalf of graduates and graduates, Ms. Megumi Hiramoto (KCG information science graduate), Department of Web Business Technology, Graduate School of Applied Information Technology, KCGI, said, “I can live a fulfilling student life in a traditional school. It was.In the midst of an unprecedented catastrophe caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake, accurate and prompt information communication is now an indispensable social capital for people's lives as well as a relief goods transportation system.I believe that the mission of information engineers is to support the foundation of this important social capital, ”he said with a strong graduation.Finally, all attendees sang “Firefly Light”.

After the ceremony, the venue was moved to RIHGA Royal Hotel Kyoto and a “Meeting Party for Graduates” was held.Graduates and graduates, together with faculty and staff who had shared joy and struggle, blossomed memories, and vowed to leap forward.