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Miku Robot is very popular!KCG to Exhibit at Magical Mirai 2014

Hatsune Miku
Hatsune Miku "Magical Mirai 2014" main visual
Illustration by MONQ(c) Crypton Future Media, INC. www.piapro.netpiapro
Magical Mirai 2014

An event that broadcasts “now” of voice synthesis software “Hatsune Miku” with many fans all over the world Hatsune Miku “Magical Mirai 2014” in OSAKA (Organized by Tokyo Metropolitan Television Co., Ltd., Krypton Future Media Co., Ltd.) Was held at INTEX Osaka, Suminoe-ku, Osaka, on August 30, 2014, and the KCG group (The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics, Kyoto Computer Gakuin) sponsored and exhibited.At the KCG group exhibition booth, students from the Kyoto Computer Gakuin engineering department (E department) and faculty members will exhibit and demonstrate the masterpiece “Hatsune Miku Dancing Robot”, as well as students from the art design department and digital game department. The works on the theme of “Hatsune Miku” were displayed, and the booth made a big circle of visitors, and was able to fully show the cutting-edge technology that the KCG group can learn.

KCG Group was the only educational institution to sponsor and exhibit.The KCG booth was packed with visitors, who took pictures of the "Miku Robot," a unique dancing robot wielding a green onion, and enjoyed a baseball game in which Hatsune Miku played the role of the pitcher.Visitors to the booth received a clear file featuring the official "Magical Mirai 2014" in OSAKA "Miku" design, and those who filled out a questionnaire received a notebook.

At this event, the first of its kind to be held in the Kansai region, "Hatsune Miku" sang songs created by a variety of creators at two concerts, one in the daytime and one in the evening.

Hatsune Miku" was planned and developed by Crypton Future Media Inc. in August 2007, and became very popular after its creators posted their music on the Internet.Currently, goods are sold in many countries around the world, and concerts using 3DCG technology are held, attracting many fans.The company's president, Hiroyuki Ito, is a professor at the Kyoto College of Informatics (KCGI).

The Tokyo concert will be held on September 20 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium in Shibuya, Tokyo.KCG Group will also sponsor the event (without a booth).


Hatsune Miku "Magical Mirai 2014" in OSAKA


Visitors to the KCG booth watch
Visitors to the KCG booth watch "Miku Hatsune: Dancing Robot" perform a unique dance while waving a green onion.