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"Kyoto version Tokiwa-so business" digital drawing course will be held at our university

As part of the “Kyoto version of Tokiwa-so Project” that Kyoto City is working on as a support activity for manga artist candidates, the KCGI Kyoto Station Satellite / KCG Kyoto Station School (Minami Ward, Kyoto City) "Digital drawing course-Things to remember before digital drawing-" will be held at Nishi-Kujoji Nomaemachi 10-5, 7 minutes on foot from Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit).

The instructor said, “Jump SQ.Manga Seminar Manzemi (Shueisha) is published, and Mura and Saito Muneo, who are well-established in the industry, serve.It explains the differences between comic studio drawing and analog drawing, and explains the basics and points that are often overlooked in digital drawing, divided into “background”, “person”, and “finishing”.A seminar on how to use CLIP STUIDO PAINT, an illustration and manga production software developed by Celsys, is also planned.

Any manga artist or aspiring manga artist can participate.Capacity is 40 first arrival, participation is free.Apply for the official homepage of the Kyoto version of Tokiwa-so ( ) Application form.

The Kyoto version of Tokiwa-so is operated by the NPO NEWVERY commissioned by Kyoto City.A community that provides opportunities for manga artists to become professionals, such as by using Kyomachiya to provide inexpensive share houses to manga artist candidates, as well as through seminars for business trip editors and manga artists. We are promoting manufacturing.The company is exhibiting the “Manga business trip editorial department” at the “Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair” (Kyo Mafu), which is held every autumn by Kyoto City and the KCG Group.

Instructor Profile

◇ Kitano Momo

Joint pen name by multiple members.The main writer who lectured this time was graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Japanese Literature in 1993.After working for a publisher for about 10 years, he became independent and free.In addition to the original comics, participating in the writing of guidebooks such as the monthly rival plan page “Rival Dream Match”, “Tokyo Suburban Zoo / Aquarium Guide”, “History of the World Dynasty”, He wrote commentaries on period novels in “100 selections of period novels”.Since 2011, he has been a part-time lecturer in the manga field at Kyoto Saga Art College.

◇ Muneo Saito

Born in Tokyo in 1966.In 1983, while in high school, he was debuted in the 1984 13th Shogakukan Newcomer Comic Award with "Katsuo Paradox".After graduating from high school, he wrote a reading series, a series of works, and a short-term intensive series, as well as assistants of Mr. Kamitsuji and Kenya Nakatsu.After that, serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday, Monthly Shonen Champion, Korokoro Comic and others.In 2010, Jump Square (SQ.) "SQ. Manga Seminar Manzemi" was serialized from the October issue, and the book was released on September 2, 2011.In addition to comics, his activities are wide-ranging, such as cooperating with the design of Entei Suikun and Raiko, who appear in "Pocket Monster Gold and Silver".

Kyoto version Tokiwa-so business