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Two KCGI Students Featured in Booklet Introducing International Students Who Remain in Kyoto after Graduation and Completion of Their Studies

Ms. Jin Yiye (from Shanghai, China), who will graduate from The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics (KCGI) in September 2020 and work for Gekkeikan, a major sake brewer, and Mr. Liu Yingle (from Beijing), who will graduate in March 2023 and work for Q Games, a digital game production company, were featured in "Work in Kyoto," a digital booklet created by Kyoto City as part of the "Future of Kyoto Project with Students" introducing former international students who have graduated or completed graduate school but continue living and working in Kyoto.Kim said, "Kyoto is a very comfortable place to live.I would like to continue to be a bridge between Japan and China through my work." Mr. Liu said, "Kyoto, with its deep Japanese history and culture, is attractive.I want to realize my dream of creating my own game here," he said.

Work in Kyoto":

Despite the fact that Kyoto City is known as the "Student City of Kyoto," with students accounting for approximately 10% of the population and many international students, less than 20% of students find employment at companies in the city, making it an issue of retaining students and curbing the outflow of young people and those raising children from the city.Under such circumstances, the city, Tokyu Land Holdings Corporation, and the Student Information Center have collaborated to develop a project to promote the attractiveness of working in Kyoto from the perspective of students, both domestically and internationally, and to encourage students to move to the city and settle down.As a project for fiscal year 2023, 15 university students, including international students studying in Kyoto, interviewed five people who are working in Kyoto after graduating from universities and graduate schools in the city, and took charge of photography, writing articles, and layout, creating a 14-page digital booklet in Japanese and English.In addition, we have also created and uploaded a video interview with a view to distributing it overseas.

In the booklet, Ms. Kim describes how she decided to enter KCGI because the Shanghai Jianqiao Institute, where she is from, has a partnership with KCGI, how she studied web business thoroughly at KCGI, how Gekkeikan has a good working environment, which led her to join the company after she participated in an internship, and how she is currently working hard in the trade department, using the knowledge and skills she acquired at KCGI as well as her unique Chinese perspective and language skills to make proposals.

Mr. Liu talks about how he entered KCGI to become a game developer himself after admiring a certain game creator in Japan, how he is enjoying life in Kyoto with its rich expressions of the four seasons, his enthusiasm for game development at Q Games, which he has felt since his internship at KCGI, and his current role as a programmer, where he makes full use of his digital technical skills to implement subsystems for games.

KCGI, the first IT professional graduate school in Japan, has introduced the world's latest IT education curriculum based on its global educational network with overseas universities, and has added management education to it to foster advanced professionals and top leaders in IT fields that have been difficult to train in conventional research graduate schools.After completing their studies at KCGI, international students have gone on to play key roles in IT companies in Kyoto and other parts of Japan, as well as in their home countries.

Video interview with "Work in Kyoto

Yibei Kim

Mr. Liu Yingxu