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Kyoto International Manga & Anime Fair 2012 was held!

Kyoto International Manga & Anime Fair 2012 (KyoMafu), a manga and anime festival co-hosted by KCGI and Kyoto Computer Gakuin (KCG) with Kyoto City and other organizations, was held at the Kyoto International Exhibition Hall (Miyakomesse) from September 21 (Fri.) to 23 (Sun.).KyoMafu is the largest manga and anime fair in western Japan.Publishers, animation production companies, video manufacturers, broadcasting stations, etc. exhibited their works, and voice actors performed various stage events.The venue was literally overflowing with manga and anime fans.Many people stopped by the booths of KCGI and KCG.

Also, at the Kyoto International Manga Museum in Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, as part of Kyo-Mafu, a special exhibition by Gainax, a production company for which Professor Yasuhiro Takeda, KCGI, serves as Director and General Manager of the Animation Production Division, entitled "Gainax's Way of Creating Animation: A Group of People Create Animation!~" has begun.As the opening event on the 22nd, there was a talk session titled "Talking about the Gainax way of animation", and Professor Takeda participated in it.He talked about the pioneering days of Gainax and the stories behind the works that attracted attention.The audience filled with Gainax fans laughed continuously at the hilarious stories of Prof. Takeda and his Gainax colleagues.

The special exhibition recreates how animation projects are planned and original pictures are drawn at the Gainax studio, using equipment such as desks and whiteboards brought in from Gainax in Tokyo, as well as life-size drawings of Gainax personnel.All the pictures on the board were drawn by Takami Akai, a producer of GAINAX, and Professor Takeda also appears in several scenes, such as the scene where the project was born.

The special exhibition will be open until December 24 (Monday, holiday).Why don't you take a peek?

Fans looking at the giant model of Space Battleship Yamato
Exhibition of original manga drawings
The venue was so crowded that the aisles were overflowing with people.
Many people visited the booths of KCGI and KCG

Kyoto International Manga & Anime Fair 2012