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ERP Certification Courses for Working Professionals Offered via e-Learning

The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics (KCGI) offers short-term training courses for working people to improve their skills with the aim of obtaining ERP (Comprehensive Core Business System) consultant qualifications.The lectures are given in an e-learning format, so working professionals can study without constraints of time or place.The deadline to register for the Spring 2017 semester is Tuesday, March 21.

FI (financial management) and SD (sales distribution).Students will acquire comprehensive knowledge of ERP and aim to pass the certification exam.A combination of lectures and practical training courses is available.

ERP is a method to manage and allocate various resources (human resources, funds, facilities, materials, information, etc.) of a company in an integrated manner, aiming to improve operational efficiency and optimize management as a whole.By managing resources handled by the various departments and operations that make up a company, such as procurement and purchasing, manufacturing and production, logistics and inventory control, sales, human resources and payroll, and finance and accounting, in a unified and integrated manner, we can eliminate inefficiencies caused by partial optimization in each department and realize smooth coordination and consolidation of operations related to each other, such as procurement and production, production and sales, and so on.The information system "ERP package" introduced to realize ERP is a large-scale software package of systems for various operations, and its company-wide introduction enables immediate information sharing and close collaboration among departments.

KCGI offers a course-taking system that allows students to select and take only the courses they need from among the courses offered at KCGI.Courses taken through the Credited Auditing System can be earned by passing the final examination to obtain the required credits at the University.