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KCG Students Earn Top Results in Micromouse Competition

Three students from the "CINCS (Control and Communication Club)," a club at the Technical College of Kyoto Computer Gakuin (KCG) Rakuhoku School, participated in the 36th All-Japan Student Micromouse Competition (sponsored by the New Technology Foundation) held in Kanagawa Prefecture on December 18, 2021, to compete in the performance of autonomous robots.Araki, a third-year student, also placed ninth in the micromouse competition.These top grades are a testament to the high academic and technical level of KCG students.Congratulations!We look forward to your further success.

In the Micromouse competition, contestants compete to see how fast a microcomputer-controlled robot, which moves autonomously (using only its own power), can run through a maze.Micromice start from the corner of the maze and aim for the goal in the center.Each participant may make up to five attempts, and each participant will have five minutes for this competition.Each time, the micromouse gradually shortens the time to reach the goal by understanding and analyzing the maze situation, which was not known in advance.Some micromouths get stuck in the middle.

Thirty-four university and vocational school students from all over Japan were nominated for this year's Micromouse competition.Masamoto-san started 25th, Araki-san 26th, and Kajita-san (CINCS), a second-year student, 24th.The robot "jade" built by Mr. Masamoto was the top at this point, marking 9.115 seconds in the fourth run, although it stopped in the first run at 1 min. 1.864 sec. and in the second, third, and fifth runs at 1 min. 1.864 sec.In the end, we finished third, but with 15 finishers and only 9 finishing in under 1 minute, it was a great result.

Masamoto participated in the KCG AWARDS Student Work Presentation, where he presented the results of his project exercises, the culmination of his studies, and continues to be active and outstanding as a member of the KCG Open Campus staff.CINCS has long been involved in the live-streaming of the "Kyoto Gozan Okuribi (Bonfire on Five Mountains)" using IoT.On August 16, 2021, a program on NHKBS Premium introduced this activity and Mr. Masamoto was interviewed in the program, thus enhancing the name of KCG.