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IT Alliance Forms Cybersecurity Committee

On November 26, 2019, the Federation of Japan IT Associations, Japan's largest association of IT-related organizations, of which Wataru Hasegawa, President of Kyoto Computer Gakuin University (KCG) and Kyoto College of Information Technology (KCGI), serves as Representative Director and First Vice Chairman, established the Cyber Security Committee (Chairman: Masahiro Shimomura, IT Federation Director) to promote cyber security measures.At the symposium held on the same day, Representative Director Hasegawa said, "Threats in cyberspace are expanding and becoming more sophisticated.We would like to work together to ensure safety and security," he said.

With the development of information and communication technologies, social and economic activities have become increasingly cloud-based, mobile, and IoT-oriented, and data is collected, analyzed, and utilized in various industries.The IT Alliance established this committee to share as a federation of IT-related organizations a number of issues, such as the rapid increase in cyber attacks, and to improve the measures to be taken and existing initiatives.It is no exaggeration to say that this is a public-private organization that maintains a close relationship with Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization) and deals with information security from a global perspective.

The Cyber Security Committee intends to promote necessary measures through meetings where stakeholders involved in the cyber field can share information, holding seminars to encourage the implementation of cyber security exercises, and evaluating companies that are proactively taking measures.The establishment of the committee by the IT Alliance attracted media attention and was reported in the Nikkei electronic edition and other newspapers.

The IT Federation was founded in 2016.It is the largest federation of IT-related organizations in Japan, consisting of 54 organizations nationwide, with approximately 5,000 corporate members and 4 million employees.We actively advocate the wishes and requests of the IT industry to the government, promote IT education and IT human resource development, and aim to realize the world's highest standard of IT society.