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From a Learning Center Full of Memories to the Forefront of IT A Sunny Graduation and Degree Conferral Ceremony

With many memories in his heart, he moved to the forefront of the IT industry.The 2009 KCGI Degree Conferral Ceremony and Kyoto Computer Gakuin (KCG) Graduation Ceremony were held on March 20, 2009, at the Kyoto Station Satellite Hall of the Kyoto Institute of Information Science.

KCGI graduates receive "Master of Information Technology (Professional)" degree certificates, and KCG graduates receive diplomas from their respective principals.Certificates and commemorative gifts were then presented to the graduates and alumni selected for the KCGI and KCG Grand Prize, Excellence Award, and Special Award.

In his address, the KCGI President stated, "This is a time of great opportunity for all of you, when information and communication technology is changing at a tremendous pace," and he added, "I hope that you will always embrace curiosity, an attitude of learning, and a sense of ethics, and grow into attractive individuals with a broad range of education.

In his address, the president of KCG cited the "U.S.-China cyber war" as a recent IT-related topic, and stressed that "you, the main actors of the 21st century, should calmly gain insight into domestic and international affairs and discover your own way of life while discovering the way Japan should live.Please cherish the horizontal ties with your fellow students who are graduating today, and at the same time, build vertical ties with your seniors and juniors.The richness of your connections will expand your power," he said in his farewell address.

On behalf of the graduates and alumni, Mr. Huiyan Dong of KCGI said, "I studied with many friends, worked hard, and learned the importance of communication.As a member of the alumni, I will make persistent efforts every day while utilizing the network, and contribute as an engineer to support the advanced information society," he said in his graduation address.At the end of the event, all attendees sang "Hotaru no Hikari" (Light of Fireflies).

After the ceremony, the celebration party was moved to Kyoto Tokyu Hotel.Graduates and alumni reminisced with faculty and staff with whom they had shared their joys and hardships, and pledged to make great strides in the future.