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".Kyoto" Sunrise I started in October.For trademark registration strings with alphanumeric characters

Kyoto Information Graduate University Cyber Kyoto Research Laboratories has registered a trademark registrant (alphanumeric and hyphenated character string) as a sales program “Sunrise I” for the top name domain “.kyoto” from October 1st. Sales to the target).

Kyoto Information Graduate University Cyber-Kyoto Institute is the only management support operator (registry) of “.kyoto” with the only support from Kyoto Prefecture.".Kyoto" was born on June 1 this year, and the first use was "" from Urasenke, a tea ceremony company based in Kyoto who participated in the Founders Program. .Participation in the Founders Program, which allows you to pre-order and acquire up to 20 domain names, will be accepted until November 30 this year.

The “.kyoto” sales program is based on the rules of the US non-profit organization ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) that manages domains used on the Internet.Following "Sunrise I", public / public interest organization priority registration and "Sunrise II" (character strings registered as trademarks) are targeted from December.It is scheduled that “Land Rush” (sales at a premium price) from January 2016, and general registration from February 2016, as long as the trademark registration in Japanese is exactly the same as the Roman alphabet.

Kyoto Information Graduate University, with the support of Kyoto Prefecture, applied to ICANN as a management operator for the operation of “.kyoto” and was approved in July 2013.Educational institutions responsible for the operation and management of the geographical name top-level domain are unprecedented in the world.Sales are limited to those living in Kyoto Prefecture, and the use of “.kyoto” is positioned as a “public utility” of industry-government-academia collaboration, and while establishing a clean domain that can be used with peace of mind by children and students, We are concentrating on wisdom to promote operations that will lead to further enhancement of social and economic activities, leading to further improvement of brand name and brand power.The organization responsible for operation, Cyber Kyoto Research Institute, was opened on June 1, 2015 at the Keihanna Open Innovation Center (KICK, formerly: My Work Hall, Seika Town / Kizugawa City), an academic research facility operated by the prefecture. .In September last year, Cyber Kyoto Research Institute received the first certification from the prefecture as a research and utilization plan for the center.On May 26, 2015, Kyoto University of Information Science and Kyoto Prefecture signed a comprehensive agreement on cooperation and cooperation, including strengthening the transmission of the Kyoto brand using “.kyoto”.

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