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. kyoto" has been officially decided as a management and operation company.

Notification from ICANN that the review has passed

The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics received the only support from Kyoto Prefecture, and in April 2012, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned) became the management operator of the geographical name top-level domain (hereinafter referred to as TLD) “.kyoto”. Names and Numbers.The University has applied to ICANN (a non-profit organization in the United States that manages domain names used on the Internet), and ICANN has notified the University that it has passed the examination as a ".kyoto" administrator and operator.If all goes well, ICANN and the University will sign an agreement and transfer authority for the operation of the domain name in the spring of 2014, and it is expected to be operational in July 2014 or later.

ICANN received approximately 2,000 applications from all over the world, including the University of Kyoto, which received the sole endorsement from Kyoto Prefecture as the operator of .kyoto. 70 applications were submitted from Japan, including 8 applications for place name TLDs such as .kyoto, .tokyo and .osaka.The University was the only applicant for the geographical name TLD that was a public interest corporation.

The place name TLD is expected to have a great impact in various fields such as tourism, industry, and regional development, and to open up new business opportunities in a wide variety of fields, in addition to promoting place name brands to the world.

Kyoto has long been a city with a strong global brand, but we are confident that widespread use of ".kyoto" by public corporations, local businesses and educational institutions, and the citizens of Kyoto will lead to a further increase in the international visibility and brand power of Kyoto as a whole, and will help revitalize social and economic activities in the city.The ".kyoto" domain, which is managed and operated not by a private commercial enterprise but by an educational corporation (public interest corporation) that has established a graduate school, is positioned as a joint industry-government-academia "public interest project" for its utilization, and various initiatives will be actively pursued with related organizations, including the construction of a portal community site where those who have acquired ".kyoto" can register and transmit information, promotion of collaboration among industry-government-academia and corporations, and various related projects to contribute to tourism, movies, animation and other content industries.

Since June, TUAT has been holding a series of three seminars with the aim of deepening the public's understanding of the possibilities for creating new businesses and developing Kyoto society through the use of .kyoto.