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“.Kyoto” management operator was officially decided

Notification from ICANN of passing the examination

Kyoto Information Graduate University received the only support from Kyoto Prefecture, and in April 2012, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned) became the management operator of the geographical name top-level domain (hereinafter referred to as TLD) “.kyoto”. Names and Numbers.I applied to a non-profit organization in the US that manages domains used on the Internet, but this time ICANN has notified me that the University has passed the examination as a management operator of “.kyoto”. did.In the future, if we go smoothly, we will transfer the authority for domain operation and sign a contract between ICANN and the University in the spring of 2014, and the operation is expected to start after July 2014.

ICANN has received approximately 2,000 applications from around the world, including the University of Kyoto, which received the only support from Kyoto Prefecture as a management operator of “.kyoto”, and 70 applications from Japan, including “.kyoto” , “.Tokyo”, “.osaka”, etc. There were 8 place names TLD.This is the place of application for the place name TLD.

The place name TLD is expected not only to appeal the place name brand to the world, but also to make a big impact in various fields such as tourism, industry and regional development, and to spread a wide variety of new business opportunities.Major cities around the world such as “.nyc” (New York), “.paris” (Paris), and “.london” (London) have also applied for TLDs.

Kyoto is a city with a global brand power, but public corporations, local companies, educational institutions, and citizens of Kyoto widely use “.kyoto” to promote the international recognition and brand power of Kyoto as a whole. I am convinced that it will lead to further improvement of social and economic activities.“.Kyoto”, which is a domain managed and operated by a school corporation (public interest corporation) that establishes a graduate school rather than a private profit company, has positioned its use as a “public utility business” jointly with industry, government, and academia. Various initiatives such as building a portal / community site where people can register and disseminate information, promote collaboration between industry, government, academia, and corporations, and various related businesses to contribute to the content industry such as tourism, movies, and animation Will be actively promoted together with related organizations.

Our university has held three seminars since June with the aim of deepening the understanding of the general public about the creation of new businesses using .kyoto and the potential for the development of Kyoto society. Is held.