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French Consul General and Deputy Mayor of Marseille visited KCGI / KCG

Commemorative photo with KCG Group faculty and staff
Commemorative photo with KCG Group faculty and staff

Deputy Mayor Jean Roatta of Marseille, France (in charge of international affairs), Deputy Mayor of Monique Cordier (in charge of environmental affairs), Jules Ilman and French Consul-General of Kyoto in Kyoto, together with Kyoto Information Graduate University on December 13, 2019. KCGI) I visited Kyoto Ekimae Satellite Kyoto School (KCG) Kyoto Ekimae School.After receiving a welcome greeting from President Wataru Hasegawa, the group toured the KCG Computer Museum, which was recognized by the Information Processing Society of Japan as the first in the "Distributed Computer Museum" in 2009. I was watching the many computers that made the era.

In the school building and classroom tours, students watched practicing classes in the manga / animation department, where they saw illustrations using the latest equipment and an interesting introduction video of the KCG group in French.Next, a meeting was held for future exchanges between the city and the university.

This visit was made possible by the introduction of Tomah Sirde, the founder of Japan Expo, a comprehensive exhibition of Japanese culture, including manga and animation, which KCGI and KCG also exhibit every year. In addition to the deputy mayor, Marseille The person in charge of attracting foreign companies in the city was also accompanied.On this occasion, President Hasegawa stated that he would like to work with educational institutions in the city in the future to promote exchanges with a view to developing ICT education.

In order to promote exchanges and alliances with the city, Vice Mayor Roatta first wants to participate in the "Japan Expo" to be held in Marseille next February.He said that he would like to welcome KCGI / KCG students in the form of corporate training in the future.

Inspecting manga / anime courses
Inspecting manga / anime courses
Deputy Mayor Roatta and President Hasegawa shake hands for future alliance
Deputy Mayor Roatta and President Hasegawa shake hands for future alliance