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Prof. Tateishi and Prof. Imai announced at ICANN64, an international Internet-related conference

Speech is displayed in text on the left screen of the main hall venue.
Speech is displayed on the left screen of the main hall venue

The Internet-related international conference “ICANN64” with 2000 participants from 100 countries was held from March 9th to 14th at the Kobe Portopia Hotel (Chuo-ku, Kobe City).ICANN (official name: Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is an American non-profit corporation that manages Internet resources such as domain names and IP addresses worldwide, and holds international conferences three times a year. TheAt Kyoto Information Graduate University (KCGI), I participated as a management operator of “.kyoto”.

The 9th and 10th were precessions, and on the 11th morning a welcome ceremony was held and the meeting began.On the morning of the 13th, a report on Japanese city name domain names was reported by simultaneous interpretation at a subcommittee of geographical name domain names (city names).Following a statistical report on the sales and price of “.osaka” and changes in the number of registered “.tokyo”, Dr. Kenji Imai, Vice Director of Cyber Kyoto Laboratory (CKL), reported the current status of “.kyoto” from KCGI. , There was a lively discussion.Domain name limited to companies based in Kyoto Prefecture or residents in Kyoto Prefecture, and operating as industry-government-academia collaborations of economic organizations, private companies, local governments, and educational institutions as top-level domain names in Kyoto, etc. However, it attracted great interest from overseas.

From the evening of the 13th to the evening, KCGI professor Toshiaki Tateishi sponsors a subcommittee jointly held by ISPCP (Internet Service Providers & Connectivity Providers | ISP and Connection Providers Group) and the Japan Internet Providers Association (JAIPA) Did.Prof. Tateishi was in charge of “Panel Discussion: Website / DNS Blocking and Filtering”, and the digest of “Symposium on Pirate Site Blocking” held on October 10th last year (held at the 6th floor hall of KCG Kyoto Station School) Was reported from an international standpoint, and active discussions took place.ICANN's heavyweights and Japanese internet providers were hotly discussing Internet operation and security and deepening exchanges at the reception.

Dr. Kenji Imai from Cyber Kyoto Laboratory (CKL) attended the meeting
Dr. Kenji Imai (right end) of Cyber Kyoto Laboratory (CKL) who participated in the conference
Prof. Tomoaki Tateishi of Kyoto Information Graduate University (KCGI) giving a lecture at the conference
Prof. Tomoaki Tateishi of Kyoto Information Graduate University (KCGI) giving a lecture at the conference
ISPCP / JAIPA Joint Subcommittee
ISPCP / JAIPA Joint Subcommittee