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KCGI Spring Open Lecture for students and adults

First android application development experience course
First android application development experience course 2015/8/7

National qualification test measures, application development, video shooting tips, and 7 other useful courses

Kyoto Information Graduate University, which develops web business professionals, will open a spring course in February 2016 with the aim of improving IT skills for local people.Through the qualification examination measures that looked for job hunting, application development courses, practical lectures useful for business, etc., to make the most advanced IT more accessible and to improve skills, to the general public Opened.Even beginners of programming such as neighboring universities, junior college students, and working adults can attend.

Qualification test measures
In addition to supporting the acquisition of qualifications in the “passing IT passport test useful for job hunting” classes that will be held for five days from February 29th, we will also be holding a “Basic Information Engineer Examination Immediate Preparatory Course” from March 7, We will improve the priority level for the test breakthrough.
For those who want to start a business
In addition, “Entrepreneurship and Business Model”, which will be held from March 7th to 11th, will be given by Professor Masayasu Morita, who is participating in the construction of business models for multiple companies as an active entrepreneur.Acquire knowledge to start a venture business, and learn practical preparations for starting a business based on documents and presentations such as business plans and business plan plans.
For those who want to make apps
For those who are interested in developing applications on smartphones, we offer an "android application development experience course" (1 day only) and an "android application development introduction" (3 days).The basics of smartphone application development are explained to beginners in an easy-to-understand manner.
For those who want to improve their video shooting skills
Lectures for beginners who introduce the basics of digital video shooting and simple tips for making images visible to people, “Introduction to Image Expression-Let's Use Video Shooting Tips”, are available for free at Million Universal Campus. The course starts.

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