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KCG Group celebrates its 59th anniversary!

May 1, 2022 was the 59th anniversary of the founding of the KCG Group, including Kyoto Computer Gakuin (KCG),The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics (KCGI), and Kyoto Computer Gakuin Automobile School (KCGM).Students, faculty, and staff celebrated the results of their education and research to date, reaffirmed the pioneering spirit that is the founding spirit of the university, the educational philosophy of KCG, and its mission to play a role in the ever-evolving information society, and pledged to make further progress.On May 6, KCGI Professor Takao Fujiwara gave a commemorative lecture titled "Update of 'Common Sense' - Tidal Power of Mistakes" on the occasion of the anniversary of the founding of KCGI.The program was conducted in cyberspace to prevent infection, as the end of the new coronavirus infection was not yet in sight.

The KCG group was founded on May 1, 1963, by a group of former students of the Department of Astrophysics, Graduate School of Astrophysics, Kyoto University, and is based on the "FORTRAN Research Group" for university academics and researchers.It was the first computer education institution in Japan, founded by Shigeo Hasegawa, the first president, and Yasuko Hasegawa, the current president, who were quick to recognize the potential of computers and harbored the belief, passion, and pioneering spirit of training information processing engineers.

In 1969, Kyoto Computer Gakuin, Japan's first full-time school for the training of computer engineers, was established.Since then, the institute has continued to grow and has graduated some 50,000 students to date.In 2004, The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics was established as the first and only IT professional graduate school in Japan, and joined our group.Graduates are contributing to the development of the IT industry in Japan and around the world.In 2013, Kyoto Automotive College, the oldest auto mechanic training school in Kyoto, joined the group.

In his commemorative lecture, Professor Fujiwara, who specializes in astrophysics, discussed the tidal force that causes the ebb and flow of the tide, explaining that the theory taught in schools for decades that tidal force is the combined force of gravity due to the moon and centrifugal force due to orbital motion is wrong.I explained clearly that "centrifugal force" must be "inertial force".And "common sense is not always right.He pointed out that "textbooks are not always correct," and that "information on the Internet is mixed, but if you use it well, you can get closer to the truth." "Please remember not to believe everything, but to try to determine what is true and what is false," he said.