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Introduction of 2008 course completion projects

At Kyoto Information Graduate University (KCGI), in the second year of the second year, we will work on a course completion project that can be called the culmination of knowledge acquired so far.The course completion project has the same significance as a master's thesis at a conventional research graduate school in awarding a degree.

On February 5th and 6th, we held a presentation on the project completion project for this year.The following titles were presented as a group or individual, and received comments from academic advisors.

Web-type Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
・ Development of ERP system for decision support of music record company
・ SAP system development at international tourism companies
Web-based customer management (CRM)
・ Model construction and case study on food self-sufficiency improvement and CO2 reduction based on system dynamics
Web-type supply chain management (SCM)
・ Proposal of a new model that contributes to the development of agricultural production corporations (SCM model that realizes sales force reinforcement through joint management of agricultural production corporations)
・ Proposal of future strategies for the general supermarket (Proposal for opening food specialty stores at stations)
・ Consideration of productivity improvement by developing web applications using the framework "Struts"
・ Analysis of the current situation in the Japanese logistics industry and proposal of future strategies
・ Survey and analysis on the Chinese logistics industry
・ Proposals for labor management for Japanese companies that have entered China
Data warehousing (DWH) and knowledge management
・ Money Miner: Software for Meta Analysis of Financial Markets
・ Data analysis and data mining with SAS and SASEnterpriseMiner
Construction of secure information system
・ Authentication system using pixel token
Information system optimization
・ Development of community site frames centering on RSS
・ Practical industry-academia collaborative project on object-oriented team development Embedded system development, model-driven robot challenge
Development of strategic statistical system
・ Modeling and simulation class design ・ Software development (beer game etc.) ・ Practice ・ Evaluation
・ 3D graph display of statistical data using computer graphics
・ System dynamics modeling of abandoned bicycles in Aichi Prefecture
Development of e-learning system
・ E-learning environment construction using multiple web applications