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Introduction of Projects Completed in 2008

At The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics (KCGI), in the second year of the second year, we will work on a course completion project that can be called the culmination of knowledge acquired so far.The project for the completion of the course has the same significance as a master's thesis in a conventional research graduate school in terms of the awarding of degrees.

On February 5 and 6, we held a presentation of this year's course completion projects.Group and individual presentations were made under the following titles and critiqued by the supervising professors and others.

Web-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Development of ERP system for decision support for a music record company
SAP system development for an international tourism company
Web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Model building and case studies on improving food self-sufficiency and CO2 reduction based on system dynamics
Web-based supply chain management (SCM)
Proposal of a new model that contributes to the development of agricultural production corporations (SCM model to enhance sales through joint management of agricultural production corporations)
Proposal of future strategy for the general supermarket industry (proposal of opening food specialty stores at train stations)
Productivity Improvement Considerations by Developing Web Applications Using the Struts Framework
Analysis of the current state of the Japanese logistics industry and proposal of future strategies
Research and analysis of China's logistics industry
Recommendations on labor management for Japanese companies in China
Data Warehouse (DWH) and Knowledge Management
Money Miner: Software for Meta Analysis of Financial Markets
Data Analysis and Data Mining with SAS and SASEnterpriseMiner
Building a secure information system
Authentication system using pixel tokens
Information System Optimization
Development of a community site frame centered on RSS
Practice of Industry-Academia Cooperative Project on Object-Oriented Team Development Embedded System Development, Model-Driven Robot Challenge as an Example
Development of a strategic statistical system
Modeling and simulation lesson design, software development (beer game, etc.), practice, and evaluation
Display of three-dimensional graphs of statistical data, etc., using computer graphics
System dynamics modeling of abandoned bicycles in Aichi Prefecture
Development of e-learning systems
Creation of an e-learning environment using multiple web applications