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To Chinese students and their respective heads of households

Kyoto Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Kyoto Institute of Computer Science, Kyoto Japanese Language Training Center
Chinese students and their respective family heads

 You guys are good!
 As you know, on March 11, 2011, at 14:46 pm, a 9.0 level earthquake occurred in the Sanriku sea area in the northeastern part of Japan, triggering seismic waves and creating serious damage along the coast.

 Kyoto has been hit by both earthquakes and other tsunami, and we have confirmed the personal safety of all international students in the city on a regular basis.In Kyoto, both local residents and international students in Japan live a steady life as usual.

 The board blocks move one side in parallel and one side in mutual collision with each other.There are 4 blocks related to Japan, and this earthquake was triggered by the North Pacific block块冲撞.Kyoto is located in western Japan, as is China, and is the largest city in Europe and the United States.
Kyoto is completely 响没有影响。

 The nuclear reaction of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station in Fukushima Prefecture was stopped due to an earthquake and a nuclear leakage accident.Currently, the Japanese government's evacuation policy calls for residents within 20 km of the nuclear power station to evacuate, and residents within 20 km to 30 km of the nuclear power station to leave the area.However, the radiation dose from the inspection within a 20 km to 30 km range is 0.2 to 0.3 micrograms per hour, and the dose from a single X-ray CT scan of the stomach is 0.6 micrograms per hour.As a result, the radiation level in the air at Kyoto, which is 546 kms away from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, is currently 0.000041 microkilometers, which is normal in nature and completely unaffected by the Fukushima area.

 The amount of radiation at a given time in Kitaibaraki City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan was 0.005575 microseconds.
 The average value of the average daily value in countries such as Spain, India, and China is 0.005 micro kilometers.
 *Sun Jiang, Guangdong Province (The main cause is the radioactive sago contained in the radiation wire.)

 The many false and misleading information and rumors about the damage caused by this incident have been spreading widely, creating unnecessary anger.Please be sure to get correct information from each of us, and we will make a correct decision.

 This school is an educational institution for learning information technology.We sincerely hope that our students will be able to use their information effectively and become global leaders in the field of information technology.