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Chinese international students and more

Kyoto University of Information Studies, Kyoto Computer Academy, Kyoto Japanese Language Training Center
Chinese international students and more

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 The imagination of passing through the great land of the Greater Capital Already on March 11, 2011 (Zhougo) at 14:46 pm Located in the northeastern part of Japan, the Sanriku Sea Area was born.

 Comprehensive international students in-house owned, student-individual-safety, inundated due to earthquakes in and after Kyoto.Living in Kyoto, natives and more Comprehensive students living in Japan Students living in school and living in a regular life

 Due to the global surface, it has a thickness of 10 to 100 km.Parallel movement of plates and earthquakes that were completed.4 related Japanese and Japanese related plates, metaphysical earthquakes, and the Pacific plate.Kyoto, Japan, West China, China, Europe
Kyoto completely obscured.

 Immediately after the cause of the earthquake, the first nuclear nuclear reaction was suddenly stopped, and the nuclear accident occurred.Currently, the basic Japanese government evacuation method, the construction of nuclear power plant within 20km, and the construction method of 20km to 30km away from the residents.However, in the immediate future, it is 20km to 30km in the inner area, and the measured radiation dose is 0.2 to 0.3 minute per hour, and the primary radiation X-ray CT primary radiation dose is 0.6 minute.In parallel, the distance from the first nuclear power line in Kyoto is 546 KM, the current radiation level is 0.000041 slight, the normal radiation level in the natural world is completely unaffected.

 Ibaraki 县 Kita Ibaraki City A little small amount of fired fire for 0.005575 slight.
 Resident West, India, China and other national temporary surveys, over-the-clock weekday over-the-season meeting over 0.005.
 * Zhanjiang, Pingtung Province (Contained radiated radiation elemental element)

 次 这次 的 灾害 有 很多 不 确 的 信息 以及 谣言 广泛 流传 ,建立 不必 的 动作。For each request, the correct information is collected, the self-processed state of calmness, the correctness of the output.

 The school's official school organization.Aspiring to be a student of the school, a unique student's personal information, an effective use of personal information, a local community, and a world-class student.

关于 京都 区 大气 中 的 放射 量 检测 结果 的 链接 网址 (中文) :