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Chinese students and their families

Kyoto Information Graduate University, Kyoto Institute of Computer Science, Kyoto Japanese Language Training Center
Chinese students and househusbands.

 You guys are good!

 Kyoto has suffered from earthquakes and oceanic disasters, and we are aware of the personal safety of all students in Kyoto.In Kyoto, the local people as well as the international students in the country are all living a normal and steady life.

 The Earth's surface is made up of ten metre thick blocks of 10 to 100 kilometres in size.The earthquake was triggered by the parallel movement of the blocks and the mutual collision between them.The earthquake was triggered by the collision between the North American and Pacific plates.Kyoto位于日本西,同中国一样,位于欧亚大陆板块,这次地震对于于
Kyoto has completely lost its influence.

 A few days ago, due to the effects of an earthquake, the nuclear reactors of the Fukuda Island No. 1 Nuclear Power Station in Fukushima Prefecture came to a halt and a nuclear accident occurred.Currently, the Japanese government's escape policy recommends that residents within 20km of the nuclear power station move away, and those within 20km to 30km of the nuclear power station move out.However, until now, the distance between 20km and 30km, the radiation level of each time 0.2 ~ 0.3 microns, and the primary radiation level of X-ray CT in the stomach is 0.6 microns.Moreover, Kyoto is located in the direct line of Fukuda Island's No.1 nuclear power station, which is 546 kilometers away from Kyoto, and the current level of radiation in the air is 0.000041 micrometers, which is normal in nature and will not have any impact on Fukuda Island.

 The amount of smoke generated in Kitaibaraki City, Ibaraki Prefecture at one time is 0.005575 micro-degrees.
 At the time of observation in countries such as Paraguay, India, China, etc., the value of weekdays will exceed 0.005 micro-percent.
 *Yangtze River, Guangdong Province (The main cause of the damage is the component element of the radiant emission)

 Around the time of the devastation, there were many unconfirmed reports and 谣言 widely spread, creating unnecessary骚动.Please try to collect the correct information and make the correct decision at your own pace.

 This school is an educational institution for learning information technology.衷心的期望本学校的学生能鉴别信息真伪,获取正确的信息并有效利用,在信息领域里,争做世界的领头人。