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Promoting the significance of ".kyoto" at Kyoto Smart City Expo

“Kyoto Smart Open Expo Center” is an academic research facility operated by the Kyoto International Conference Center and Kyoto Prefecture on June 1-3, 2016. (KICK, Kizugawa City, Seika Town), sponsored by The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics (KCGI) Cyber Kyoto Research Laboratory (CKL), and KCGI is the management operator We appealed about the significance of the geographical name top-level domain “.kyoto” serving as (registry).

At the Smart City Seminar "Innovation from KICK for the Formation of Smart Communities" held at KICK on March 3, Director Kido gave a speech titled "Aiming for the Fusion of the Real World and Cyber Society: Expanding the Use of Dot Kyoto.In the cyber world, it is important to transmit information from Kyoto in a unified manner.It is significant that this new domain exists in order to maintain the dignity of the Kyoto brand, which is well known worldwide," he stressed.The CKL, which opened in June last year after receiving the first approval from the prefectural government as a research utilization plan for the center within KICK, is a center for fusing the cyber world on the Internet with the real world.Unfortunately, many other top-level domains are not managed properly due to overuse and over-selling, but we hope that ".kyoto" will further enhance Kyoto's international name recognition and brand power while pursuing cleanliness, and lead to the revitalization of social and economic activities.On the other hand, we had many visitors to the CKL exhibition booth.

.kyoto" was born in cyberspace in June 2015, and is now open for public registration.On May 26, 2015, CKL signed a comprehensive agreement on collaboration and cooperation with Kyoto Prefecture, which includes strengthening the dissemination of the Kyoto brand using ".kyoto".