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Concert to celebrate the release of the 50th anniversary CD and the start of ".kyoto" operation

On October 10, 2014, a concert commemorating the release of the KCG Group's 50th anniversary CD album "MUΣA" and the start of operation of the geographic name top-level domain ".kyoto" (dotKyoto), for which Kyoto University serves as a registry operator, was held at the Kyoto Station Satellite Main Hall of the Kyoto Institute of Information Graduate University.The concert was planned and directed by the students, who realized the creation of performing arts by IT.Many people from outside the university came to enjoy the clear voice of Ms. Nizza and the young sensibility of the students.At this concert, the KCG Group celebrated its 50th anniversary and pledged to make further progress toward the next era.

They performed 12 songs including "Se Thelo," "Cauda Pavonis," and "Jupiter," which opened the 50th anniversary of Kyoto Computer Gakuin (KCG) and the 10th anniversary of Kyoto Graduate Institute of Information (KCGI) held at Kyoto International Conference Hall on June 1, 2013.George Nishigomi on drums, Jun Abe on keyboards, Teppei Kawasaki on bass, and Kanae Nozawa on erhu and chorus.In the middle of the performance, an image video created by KCG students was projected, adding to the harmony.The students chose two songs from "MUΣA", translated the lyrics, discussed the images, and created the story. The students themselves were in charge of the direction, filming, performance, production of props, and editing.During the concert, a representative of the students presented episodes explaining the production process. In the finale, a chorus group of students joined, and the concert reached its climax. Visitors listened to Ms. Nizza's singing and applauded loudly.

After the concert, a party was held at the lounge on the 6th floor of Kyoto Ekimae School. Mr. Wataru Hasegawa, President of KCG Group, greeted the guests and received congratulatory speeches from Dr. Hidehiko Mino, Director of Kyoto University's Information Environment Organization and Professor of Academic Information Media Center, and Mr. Takahiro Moriki, Director of Monozukuri Promotion Division, Commerce, Industry, Labor and Tourism Department, Kyoto Prefecture.After this, we had a chat with Mr. Nizza and the performers.On the occasion, Nizza said, "This concert was created with students and faculty members.I myself had a very happy time," he said.

In addition to being a vocalist, Ms. Nizza is also active as a dubbing artist for commercials and game characters.He is in charge of teaching the IT Voice Actor Course, which was newly established in 2014 in the Information Processing Department of KCG's C-Graduate School (Computer Science Department).He introduces the use of IT in his own activities and teaches vocal techniques.In addition to the students in this course, students from other departments and KCGI are also taking this course to deepen their understanding of digital processing of sound through songs and postrecording of animation.

One of the objectives of the concert, ".kyoto," which will be operational by the end of this fiscal year, is currently inviting organizations and companies in Kyoto Prefecture to participate in the "Founders Program," a priority registration program. ".kyoto" aims to further enhance the "Kyoto" brand as a highly reliable domain name for people associated with Kyoto, with an emphasis on public interest and public nature.In cooperation with the Kyoto Prefectural Government and other organizations, we will make every effort to have many companies, schools and individuals in Kyoto Prefecture use our services, so that we can contribute to the revitalization of Kyoto Prefecture's industries and other areas.

Nitza Melas ( )

A singer-songwriter born in Montreal, Canada, who has fascinated audiences all over the world with his multilingual skills. She is one of the three main vocalists of "Cirque du Soleil" an entertainment group that performs circuses and musicals in various countries. Among them, she was the only one whose lyrics and music were chosen for the Cirque du Soleil show, and she can be said to be the de facto top singer in the group.She does not belong to any record company label, and performs songs and songwriting and also does graphic design, promotion, and sales. Professor at Kyoto Institute of Information and Kyoto Computer Gakuin since 2013.

Ms. Nizza Melas sings enthusiastically at the concert commemorating the release of KCG Group's 50th anniversary CD album
Ms. Nizza Melas sings enthusiastically at the concert commemorating the release of KCG Group's 50th anniversary CD album "MUΣA" and the launch of ".kyoto".