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November 1, 2016 is KCGI's 13th anniversary

Prof. Hisaya Tanaka giving a lecture on required IT engineers
Prof. Hisaya Tanaka giving a lecture on required IT engineers

Kyoto Information Graduate University (KCGI) will celebrate its 13th anniversary on November 1, 2016.Prior to this, on October 28, a commemorative ceremony was held at the Kyoto University of Information and Sciences Kyoto Hall in front of the satellite, and all students and faculty members celebrated and vowed to make KCGI's further leap forward.At the ceremony, Professor Toshihide Ibaraki, President of KCGI, first looked back on the history of KCGI's opening and development, and in recent years, he has grown into a global graduate school that attracts international students from all over the world, particularly in Asia.

Next, Prof. Hisaya Tanaka, who was appointed as KCGI this year, gave a lecture entitled “IT Engineers Needed”.Prof. Tanaka is a former Fujitsu system engineer who has led the company's system development for many years, and has since been involved in IT human resource development at Fujitsu and other organizations.In the lecture, the shortage of human resources in the IT field continues due to the rapid expansion of the web business market, the need for corporate reform by IT, and the need for advanced information security. He said that human resources with the ability to create and realize their value through practice are necessary.In the future, global human resources with both identity and communication skills will be increasingly required. “Please study with high aspirations and become a globally active human resource.” I sent that.

KCGI inherited KCG's pioneering spirit, Japan's first computer education institution founded on May 1, 1963, and opened as Japan's first IT professional graduate school.Graduated from the Graduate School of Applied Information Technology. After completing the Department of Web Business Technology, the Master of Information Technology (professional degree), the highest degree in the IT application field, is obtained.In addition to the main school in Kyoto, satellites are installed in front of Kyoto Station, Sapporo, and Tokyo.In the academic field, in addition to the existing business IT courses, system development courses, and content business courses, in response to the reality that IT application fields are diversifying, there are four areas: medical health IT, agricultural IT, marine IT, and tourism IT. A next-generation industry course consisting of programs was established this year.The enrollment capacity has been increased from the initial 80 (total 160) to 240 (450).We have sent talented human resources with knowledge and technology related to IT, management, and content to the IT industry in Japan and around the world.

Founding ceremony venue