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KCGI Tokyo Satellite alumnus Mr. Koyama won an award for excellence at the Japan Society for Development Engineering!

Takeshi Koyama, who enrolled in the The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics (KCGI) Tokyo Satellite in his 50s to study ERP and other subjects and completed the course in September 2016, received the highest award for excellence in research presentation at the Japan Society for Development Engineering, and also demonstrated the knowledge he learned at KCGI by speaking at a symposium of the same society and making proposals on strengthening Japan's digital and IT capabilities in the With Corona era.He is currently working as an IT consultant for Veson Nautical LLC, headquartered in Boston, U.S., specializing in ERP for large tramp vessels, and is also active as a part-time lecturer at a university, teaching "IT Professional Course" including SAP and "Business Integration and ERP".

Koyama received the Award of Excellence at the society's 2019 Research and Presentation Conference.Under the title of "Applicability of the REA Model - Education of Business IT System Construction Methodology and Architecture," he presented the results of his research on the necessity of business architecture utilization, explanation of the REA (resource event agent) model, and issues in business IT education.In February 2021, he took the podium and spoke on the topic of "Proposals for Promoting DX and IT in Japan" at a symposium on the general theme of "The Future of Digital Social Transformation in the Age of With Corona" at the same conference.

Prior to joining KCGI, Mr. Koyama had worked as an IT manager and studied in the MBA program at the University of Wales, UK.KCGI is a unique professional graduate school in Japan where students can learn the basics and applications of IT directly related to management and subjects that match the times," he said.Starting with the basics of ERP, I would like to conduct research and provide guidance to students in order to establish management IT," he says enthusiastically.

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At KCGI, many working students have been able to study and advance their careers at the Kyoto campus, the Tokyo satellite, and the Sapporo satellite.Support for a variety of courses, including weekday daytime, evening, Saturday, and e-learning courses.In addition to lectures delivered from the main campus in Kyoto, on-site lectures, and e-learning, full-time satellite faculty members who are active on the front lines of the IT industry back up each student's learning to meet his or her goals.For students who study while working, we offer a long-term student program that extends the length of study to three or four years for the equivalent of two years' tuition.