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The philosophy of the founding of the school in the “Kandou Immoral” lecture.There was a lot of mock shops

Atsuko Hasegawa, the director of KCG's architectural philosophy, in a talk about compassion
Atsuko Hasegawa, the director of KCG's architectural philosophy, in a talk about compassion

July 2nd is "Kando", the date of death by the founder of Kyoto Computer Gakuin (KCG) and the first school director, Shigeo Hasegawa.There was a commemorative lecture at the school in front of KCG Kyoto Station, and the other founder and director of KCG Gakuin, Prof. Atsuko Hasegawa, spoke with students about the “Foundation of Philosophy” together with Professor Shigeo.

In the commemorative lecture, the Gakuin renewed the founding philosophy of “Opening up the era and nurturing information processing engineers responsible for tomorrow”, and the two founders walked and worked to realize this philosophy. I introduced the road of the year.In pursuit of a “universal education of theory and technology”, which is distinct from national and public universities that advocate for academia uniformly and vocational technical training schools that do not leave the vocational technical training school.Although it is a school building in Barracks, we introduced computer facilities that boast the highest standards such as TOSBAC-3400 one after another and looked back on their openness to students. The reason for this effort was to give students a dream, stimulus, problem awareness and sense of the times. However, I have been considering storing the potential energy that creates the power of tomorrow inside each student.“Creativity is never innate, it can be nurtured through education.”

The opening of Kyoto University of Information Sciences (KCGI) is based on the founder's educational reform spirit and identity, and the students recognize the computer as a culture and strive to realize a computer museum. The founder's spirit has changed to school education guidance and continues to support the development of KCG 50 years.This university is a crystal of the founder's view of life, world and human ecology.I hope that you will absorb the various factors of self-formation from here and let them blossom by self-realization after graduation. "

On this day, there were lots of fake shops such as fried noodles, rice burgers, shaved ice, etc.
In addition, “ KCG Summer Festa 2013 "(Sponsored by the Kyoto City Board of Education) will soon begin.The Festa will continue until the beginning of August, and will hold various events such as workshops, lectures, talk live, IT classes for elementary and junior high school students and the general public, and choruses.Please come to KCG at this opportunity.

“Kandou” is the name of Shigeo Hasegawa, meaning “a quiet space away from the world and meditation”.On July 2, 1986, he died at the age of 56.In KCG, the July 2nd is regarded as a “disappointment”, and it is positioned as a day to relive the spirit and passion of the embrace, in addition to surviving the virtues of Shigeo Hasegawa.
Students and faculty members visit the grave of Jodo Buddhism Omotoyama Hyakusan Chionji (Tanakamon-mae-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto), where Dr. Shigeo Hasegawa sleeps, and work together quietly with the thought of the teacher of the day. It was.

KCG Summer Festa 2013