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Thirty years after his death, the KCG founder, Shigeo Hasegawa, celebrated his death

KCG Kyoto Station School Venue
KCG Kyoto Station School Venue

On the 2nd day of 2016, KCG Kyoto Station School and Shigeo Hasegawa's Bodoji Temple are known as Hakugawa Hachikawa, the founder and founder of Kyoto Computer Gakuin (KCG). It was held at Onji.Mr. Shigeo Hasegawa passed away at the age of 56 on July 2, 1986, and this year will be 30 years after his death.Every year at KCG, all students and faculty members revere the virtues of Shigeo Hasegawa, who worked as a pioneer in information processing technology education.“Kandou” is the name of Shigeo Hasegawa, meaning “a quiet space away from the world and indulging in meditation”.

At the commemorative lecture held at the Kyoto Information University of Kyoto University Satellite Hall, Professor Kazushi Sakuhana, who was a professor at Kyoto Information Graduate University (KCGI) and worked with KCG on information processing education with Shigeo Hasegawa, The lecture was titled “What the first school director aimed for.”

Prof. Sakuhana admired Shiseo Hasegawa's foresight and independence spirit in the 1960s when even electronic computers were not widespread. Compared to Shoin Yoshida, who nurtured the masterpieces that supported Japan in the Meiji era, both of them were pioneers and diligent workers of the time, passionate educators, emphasizing the power of the people without depending on the government The two of them were looking for “Utopia” because they were trying to create a new school that they had never seen before, and “I knew the importance of efforts to pursue Utopia. I said.

After the lecture, students and faculty members moved to Hyakuon Hanjionji by bus and joined hands with the grave mark of Shigeo Hasegawa to pray for further development of the teacher and the KCG group.In addition, at the mock shop that students volunteered at the school in front of Kyoto Station, handmade fried noodles, hot sandwiches, shaved ice, etc. were sold, adding to the liveliness of the event.



Dr. Kazushi Sakuhana talking about Shigeo Hasegawa's episode
Dr. Kazushi Sakuhana talking about Shigeo Hasegawa's episode