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I took a picture with the picture I drew!Popular KCG events at Kyoto Aquarium

"Draw and shoot!" "Drawing Workshop".A large-scale mosaic art work representing the cultural assets displayed at the Kyoto National Museum is also on display. July 8, 2017, Kyoto Aquarium “Exchange Plaza”

The KCG Group, including Kyoto Information Graduate University (KCGI) and Kyoto Computer Gakuin (KCG), has been held since July 2017 in collaboration with the Kyoto Aquarium (Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto City) and the Kyoto National Museum (Higashiyama Ward, the same city). The event “Draw and take a picture! Cooperating with "Drawing Workshop".KCG's student staff and faculty members at the same aquarium “Interchange Plaza” at the venue, projected the fish drawings drawn by the children on the original frame using cutting-edge IT (information technology), and projected it on the wall. A lot of parents and children come every day with the contents to be photographed, and they are stored in the camera as summer memories.The event will be held until September 3rd, and will be held on the first day of the week, Saturday or Sunday.

"Draw and shoot! In addition to the “Painting Workshop”, the KCG staff mosaicized the paintings of Japanese turtles, carp, lobster, clams, and octopus received from children nationwide in advance, representing the cultural assets on display at the Kyoto National Museum. 7 large art works are on display.A total of 10,000 works per panel, which also uses KCG's cutting-edge technology.

“Suizokukan and Hakubutsukan” will allow children to learn about the background of the work by matching the creatures that appear in the works exhibited at the Kyoto National Museum and the creatures that swim in the Kyoto Aquarium. Is the purpose.In addition to the workshops held by KCG, various events are also held.See below for details.

"Kyoto Aquarium" x "Kyoto National Museum" joint project "Suizokukan and Hakubutsukan" held | Kyoto Aquarium