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Kando Memorial" in memory of Dr. Shigeo Hasegawa, the first Dean of the College, Commemorative Lecture online

Commemorative Lecture by Professor Tomoko Tanaka, Graduate School of Education, Kyoto University
Commemorative Lecture by Professor Tomoko Tanaka, Graduate School of Education, Kyoto University

On July 2, the anniversary of the death of Shigeo Hasegawa, founder and first president of Kyoto Computer Gakuin (KCG), the KCG Group commemorated his legacy as a pioneer in information processing technology education by broadcasting his memorial lecture "A Quarter Century of Shigeo Hasegawa, the First President of KCG: Times and Words" online, allowing students and faculty to watch it at their own time and place.On July 1, 2022, before the anniversary of Kando's death, students and others concerned paid a visit to his grave at his family temple, Hyakumanben Chionji.

Dr. Shigeo Hasegawa passed away on July 2, 1986 at the age of 56, and 2022 will mark 36 years since his death.Kando" is his stage name, meaning "a quiet space for meditation away from the world.

The commemorative lecture was given by Dr. Tomoko Tanaka, Professor of the Graduate School of Education, Kyoto University, and part-time lecturer at the Kyoto Institute of Information Science.Professor Tanaka will also deliver a lecture titled "Shigeo Hasegawa, the First Dean of Kyoto University and Kyoto University: Searching for the Origin of the Philosophy" at the Kando Memorial in 2021.Professor Tanaka, who is "directly junior" to Professor Shigeo Hasegawa, who studied at Kyoto University with current President Yasuko Hasegawa, historically examined the days of Professor Hasegawa up to the early 1960s in his 2021 lecture, and clarified the origin of KCG's philosophy.As a continuation of the lecture, this time he reviewed the history of KCG for a quarter of a century from its foundation in 1963 until his death, with the background of the times and through the "words" he left behind.

Professor Tanaka said, "He has left a lasting impression with his words.It is a valuable testimony that values the written word," he said, explaining why he chose to focus on the teacher's "words" and use them as a clue to considering the history of KCG.The quarter century is divided into three periods: the time of its founding, the period of KCG's establishment, and the period of its development.Weaving in "words," we reviewed the history of KCG along with a wide range of events such as the revision of the School Education Law, university disputes, the relationship between economic disparity and higher education, and the rapid economic growth and collapse of the bubble economy.

Professor Tanaka pointed out that the "words" of 1969, when he said, "Human civilization is currently shifting from an industrial-centered society to an information-industrial society, and the old value system is collapsing in every aspect of politics, economy, culture, and society," have not become obsolete and are still being inherited.The 1972 student recruitment summary included the words, "Teachers and students are united in their efforts to create a new ideal institute.He concluded his speech by saying, "I believe that the words "private" and "independent" will continue to be valid even more than 35 years after his death, and can be savored by us as a valid philosophy.

On July 1, students, faculty, and staff visited the graves after classes or at their convenience.The students who visited Chion-ji Temple laid their hands on his grave and prayed for his repose and for the further development of the KCG Group.