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Cyber Crime Prevention Classroom Held; Rakunan Junior High School Students Experience Educational Website Created by KCG

KCG received the
KCG received the "Smart Phone Awareness Site" for students from Kyoto Prefectural Police and other organizations.

With the cooperation of the KCG group (The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics, Kyoto Computer Gakuin, etc.), the "Cyber Crime Classroom-Learning Information Security with Smartphones" sponsored by the Kyoto Prefectural Police (December 16th, co-sponsored by Japan International Film Copyright Association) The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics was held at the Kyoto Ekimae Satellite Grand Hall, and the “Smartphone Support Awareness Site” for students created by the KCG group was presented to about 500 students from the Shonan High School Attached Junior High School.Rakunan Junior High School students deepened their understanding of cyber crimes and copyrights by taking quizzes on the site.

The site was designed by Mr. Haru Han of KCGI (graduated in March 2013) and voice by Ms. Akanei Kida, a third-year student of KCGI's Game Department.The site consists of three sections: "Manners," "Rules," and "Quiz." The "Manners" section includes information on net morals, including caution in handling personal information.The Rules section shows contents related to copyright, including illegal uploading and downloading.In the quiz section, which serves as a review of these pages, users can receive wallpaper depending on their percentage of correct answers.

On the same day, KCG delivered the site to the Kyoto Prefectural Police and the Japan Society for International Film Copyrights, and Mr. Kida, who is in charge of audio, said, "During the creation of the site, I was reminded of the fear of cyber crimes.I hope this site will help junior high and high school students to avoid getting into trouble on the Internet," he said.Mr. Han, who is currently in China, said, "I tried to create simple and interesting characters for smartphones.We are happy if junior high and high school students can enjoy the Internet safely and securely.Students representing Rakunan Junior High School took the quiz.

In the crime prevention class, the Cybercrime Division of the Kyoto Prefectural Police and the Japan International Motion Picture Copyright Association, Inc. gave warnings and explanations about Internet use.Wataru Hasegawa, President of KCGI and KCG, called on the participants to "study well and build a safe and enjoyable Internet society," and explained about the geographical name top-level domain ".kyoto" which will be in operation from 2014.After the tour, the Rakunan Junior High School students visited the KCG Museum, which preserves and exhibits valuable computers from the past.

Manners and rules of the Internet learned on a cell phone