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First foreign student to pass the difficult SAP certified consulting exam

Two international students from KCGI passed the difficult "SAP Certified Consultant" exam.This is the first time that an international student studying in Japan has passed this exam.It is a certification examination authorized by SAP ※1, the world's largest ERP package manufacturer, and those who obtain this certification are eligible for consulting services required by companies and other organizations when they implement the ERP system ※2.Their achievement in overcoming the language barrier and other obstacles to pass the exam, which is considered difficult even for working adults in Japan, is an encouragement not only to other international students but also to the students themselves.

The successful candidates were Mr. Kwang-Tai Bai (28 years old, from Taipei, Taiwan, graduated from the Chinese Culture University, completed KCGI in March 2008, and is currently working for the IT Service Team of Sanyo Electric Co.Both passed the exam in February of this year, and Mr. Bai was a student at KCGI.

They enrolled at KCGI to study cutting-edge practical IT and management in Japan. They came across ERP systems, which are powerful for business management, and studied hard to obtain certification in particular for SAP's ERP system, which is used by major companies around the world.Although they had many difficulties, such as the fact that the exam questions were given in Japanese, they worked hand in hand with the KCGI faculty to achieve their goal.

Mr. Bai has already found a job where he can put his qualifications to good use, and Ms. Chen has received a job offer from the same company.All of them expressed their aspirations, saying, "In the future, I would like to gain experience and make the most of my skills to play an active role on the world stage.

KCGI has fully implemented SAP's ERP system "R/3" for education and training.The introduction of this system to educational institutions is unprecedented.Normally, this certification requires a five-week training course held by SAP, and many working people in Japan have taken up the challenge.KCGI offers the same level of lectures as this course, which can be studied in depth over the course of a year.

In addition to these two students, four other Japanese students passed the SAP Certified Consultant exam in 2007.

1 SAP Corporation
Headquartered in Germany.The world's largest ERP (enterprise resource planning) system manufacturer.The company's ERP system, R/3, has been adopted by approximately 20,000 of the world's major companies and holds more than 50% of the market share in Japan.Established in 1972.
2 ERP system
Software that integrally manages a company's core business operations and promotes management efficiency.The introduction of this system will enable centralized management of logistics (parts and product management), financial accounting, human resources, and other data.When a company introduces the system, it needs consulting for verification and standardization of business processes.