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Passed the first difficult SAP certified consulting exam for international students

Two international students from KCGI passed the difficult “SAP Certified Consultant” exam.This is the first time an international student studying in Japan has passed this exam.SAP, the world's largest producer of ERP packages * 1 Qualification exams certified by companies, companies and other companies can obtain ERP systems * 2 You can take on the consulting work required when introducing.The achievements of these two students who successfully passed the language barriers in the exams that are difficult for Japanese adults to pass are encouraging not only for other international students but also for the students.

Mr. Shiratsumitsu (28 years old, born in Taipei, Taiwan, graduated from Chugoku Bunka University, completed KCGI in March 2008, currently working on the IT service team of Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.) and Mr. Chen Kae (22 years old, Zhejiang, China) Born in the province, graduated from Tianjin University of Science and Technology at KCGI sister school.Both passed the exam in February this year and Mr. Shira was enrolled in KCGI.

Two students who entered KCGI to learn the most advanced practical IT and management fields in Japan met with an ERP system that demonstrates its power in corporate management. Among them, the SAP ERP system introduced by major companies in the world in particular. I studied hard to get a qualification about.There seemed to be a lot of trouble, such as the exam questions being asked in Japanese, but I reached the goal by working with KCGI teachers.

Mr. Shira already has a job that allows him to take advantage of his qualifications, and Mr. Chen has also received a job offer from the company.In both cases, he expressed his aspiration, “I want to gain experience and use the technology to play an active part in the world.”

KCGI has fully introduced SAP's ERP system “R / 3” for education and practical training.There are no other examples of introduction to educational institutions.In order to obtain this qualification, it is usually necessary to go through about five weeks of training held by SAP, which is challenged by many Japanese adults.KCGI has the same level of lectures as this workshop, and you can learn it carefully over a year.

In 2007, four Japanese students passed the SAP Certified Consultant Exam in addition to these two.

* 1 SAP
Head office Germany.The world's largest ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system manufacturer.The company's ERP system “R / 3” was introduced by approximately 20,000 major companies worldwide, and has a share of over 50% in Japan.Founded in 1972.
* 2 ERP system
Software that integrates management of the company's core business and promotes management efficiency.The introduction will enable unified management of data such as logistics (parts / product management), financial accounting, and human resources.When a company introduces it, consulting for business process verification and standardization is required.