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Summerfest 2011" is underway!

Lots of people are enjoying themselves at KCG Group!


The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics (KCGI) and Kyoto Computer Gakuin (KCG) have been working at KCGI Kyoto Station Satellite (KCG Kyoto Station School), mainly on Saturday and Sunday during the month of July. KCG Summer Festa 2011 Is being held.Faculty members and students of KCGI and KCG prepared various events to show the results of their daily research and study to the local community, and many members of the public visited and enjoyed the events.Here are some photos of the events.

☆ Astronomy Workshop Friday, July 8

An event as part of the National Simultaneous Tanabata Lecture Series, organized by the Astronomical Society of Japan and co-sponsored by the Society for the Promotion of Astronomical Education.In the first part, Professor Kazushi Sakka of KCGI, a starry sky doctor, gave a lecture on the Tanabata star festival and the birth and demise of stars under the title of "Let's understand messages from the universe ★ and send your wishes to the stars.In the second part, students from the KCG Astronomy Club explained the origin of Tanabata and the stars visible during this season.Star observation on a computer with dedicated software is also available.After that, we went outside to observe the sine moon (half-moon) and Saturn using telescopes and binoculars.Many astronomy fans, including elementary school students, participated in the event and reminisced about the shining stars.

In the first part, Dr. Hoshizora gave a lecture in the main hall.The mysteries of the vast universe are explained in an easy-to-understand manner.
Students from the KCG Astronomy Club explained about "Tanabata" in the second part.The origin of Tanabata and the stars associated with it were introduced.
Astronomical observation on a computer using dedicated software.The participating elementary school students were excited when Saturn appeared on the screen.
The elementary school siblings who participated in the event said, "I love to look at the stars.Gazing at the stars shining above his computer, he said, "I want to go there someday.
The weather was favorable for outdoor astronomical observations, and we were able to find the moon and Saturn.

IT workshop by ☆ students "Let's make hot-summer greeting postcards! July 10 (Sun.)


It is a challenge to make a cool-feeling hot-summer greeting card.Participants ranged from children to 88-year-olds. KCGI and KCG students carefully explained how to operate the computers, and the participants completed the postcards with their own designs.The children who had completed their works with confidence were happy and said, "I will send them to my friends after the summer vacation.

KCGI and KCG students "play the teacher".Everyone who participated tried their hand at making a cool-feeling hot-summer greeting card.
A wide range of people, from the elderly to children, participated in the event.
Send a cool summer greeting card and surprise your friends!"The children were absorbed in creating the designs.

☆ Lecture "About the Gion Festival" Friday, July 15

Gion Festival, one of the three major festivals in Kyoto, is well-known for the sound of "KONCHIKITIN.On the day of Yoinomiya, 101-year-old KCG advisor Dr. Teiichiro Yoneda gave a special lecture on the festival.KCG's famous lecture held before the three major festivals in Kyoto.In addition to students, many members of the general public attended the lecture.Mr. Yoneda gave a detailed talk about the origin, evolution, and highlights of the Gion Festival.After the course, the students went to the Gion Festival.

KCG's famous lecture by 101-year-old Dr. Teiichiro Yoneda.The lecture included the history and highlights of the Gion Festival.
Many students were dressed in yukata (light cotton kimono), and some even took commemorative photos with Dr. Yoneda.
After the lecture, the students went to the Gion Festival.The students enjoyed the festival to the fullest, surrounded by the sound of "Kontchikichin.

Micromouse Kansai Regional Meeting July 17

The pride of embedded systems technology in the Kansai region gathered for a quiet but heated battle.The Kansai Regional Conference was the first of the Micromouse 2011 regional conferences.In the competition, the autonomous intelligent robot searches the maze by itself and aims to reach the goal in the shortest possible time.Since the event was held as part of the "KCG Summer Festa 2011," many members of the public came to watch the games.

There were two divisions, "Classic" and "Half Size," with a total of 20 teams and people competing.Using the mouse, we ran the difficult maze course in every direction.

In both divisions, Mr. Koichi Kojima of the Kyoto University Mechanical Engineering Research Group won the championship and was awarded the seeding right for the All-Japan Classic Competition according to the regulations.Special prizes were awarded to Jitsunori Kurata and Melinobu Kida (both in the Classical Division), who competed from the KCG Control and Communication Division.

The Micromouse Kansai Regional Competition was quiet but hotly contested.
Each brought their prized mouse.The contestants compete to reach the goal in the shortest possible time.
The event was held as part of the "KCG Summer Festa" and attracted a large audience.
Students from KCG's Control and Communication Department making careful adjustments before the competition.The goal is to finish in the top ranks.

☆Vintage Computer Exhibition for Parents and Children Saturday, July 23

Elementary school students and parents who wanted to "finish their summer vacation free research early" participated in the event.KCGI Associate Professor Akira Hasegawa explained the history of computer development, followed by a tour of the many historically valuable computers preserved by the KCG Archives."In "Dismantling Computers," we saw firsthand how equipment works.The children eagerly took notes.

Before visiting the computers, we first studied the history of development at length.
We observed the valuable computers lined up in a row at the Kyoto Ekimae School.
I couldn't help but lean forward and peer into the "computer dismantling."

☆ Art Student Works Exhibition Saturday, July 23

3DCG, illustration, animation, web design, short movies, and other works by KCG Kamogawa art and design students and faculty were exhibited and introduced.

Students from the art and design department showed the results of their daily work.

IT workshop by ☆ students "Let's make a mouse pad" Saturday, July 23

The one and only mousepad in the world is ready! Many elementary school students and their parents participated.KCGI students carefully guided the participants, who freely drew pictures and digitally processed their favorite photos and illustrations to complete their own designs and finish their mousepads.

Many children participated in the workshop to make a memorable summer vacation item.
KCGI students carefully instruct students on how to operate computers.
Children are engrossed in creating designs using illustrations and other materials.
Once the design is completed, the next step is to apply the urethane for the final touch.
The one and only mousepad in the world is now complete!

IT workshop by ☆ students "Introduction to Facebook! Saturday, July 23

Facebook" is used not only for online interaction but also for study and business.A wide range of participants made their "debut" by taking part in the course.KCGI students carefully explained the process from the very beginning.

We had participants from a wide range of backgrounds who wanted to make their Facebook debut.
KCGI students carefully explained the process for beginners.
All of them made their debut successfully and said they would like to expand the circle of exchange in the future.

Gathering of train lovers!Railroad Workshop Sunday, July 24

KCG Kyoto Ekimae School is located in an ideal location for railroad fans, with the Kintetsu Kyoto Line and JR Lines (Tokaido Main Line and Sanin Main Line) spread out below and the five-story pagoda of Toji Temple and the Shinkansen bullet train to the south.The first railroad workshop held by the KCG Group as part of "Summer Festa 2011" was attended by a large number of people.Most were parents and families, but there were some 'serious' people with SLR cameras."Together with KCGI Associate Professor Keiji Emi, a "railroad doctor," the participants enjoyed taking pictures from their own angles and experiencing the train simulator.It was a big deal, especially when the sleeper express Nihonkai from Kyoto to Aomori at 18:22 passed by.

The participants had a lot of fun with the train simulator experience.

☆ Everyone in the chorus July 24 (Sun.)

The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics The melody resounded in the satellite concert hall in front of Kyoto Station.The theme is "Wa - Nagomi, a relaxing moment together".The first part of the event was a performance by WAYRA, a group that has been touring throughout Japan to share the traditional folk music "folklore" of the Andean region.Three members from Peru and Ecuador, dressed in traditional Indian costumes, played the "quena," a bamboo flute, and the "charango," a stringed instrument, and beat a lively rhythm with a message dedicated to "Mother Earth.The second part was a lesson of "Hanamizuki" for each part, and at the end, everyone went on stage and sang a big chorus.A large circle was formed through singing.

The three members of WAYRA, with their light rhythm.The songs contain a message dedicated to "Mother Earth" in the Andes region (Part 1).
In the second part, everyone went on stage and sang "Hanamizuki" in a big chorus.