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"Summer Festa 2011" now being held!

Many people are enjoying the KCG group!


The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics (KCGI) and Kyoto Computer Gakuin (KCG) have been working at KCGI Kyoto Station Satellite (KCG Kyoto Station School), mainly on Saturday and Sunday during the month of July. KCG Summer Festa 2011 Is being held.KCGI and KCG teachers and students are preparing various events so that the local people can know the results of their daily research and learning. Many people visit and enjoy the event.I will introduce the scene with a photo.

☆ Astronomy Workshop Friday, July 8

A part of the National Tanabata Lecture organized by the Japan Astronomical Society and co-sponsored by the Astronomical Education Promotion Study Group.In the first part, Dr. Hoshizora and Kazushi Sakuhana KCGI gave a lecture on Tanabata and the birth and end of the stars, "Let's understand the message from the universe ★ and deliver your wishes to the stars".In Part 2, students from KCG Astronomy Club explained the origin of Tanabata and the stars that can be seen at this time.Observe stars on a personal computer with dedicated software.After that, he used the astronomical telescope and binoculars to observe the moon (half moon) and Saturn.Many astronomical fans, including elementary school students, participated in the event and thought about the shining stars.

In the first part, Dr. Hoshizora gave a lecture at the large hall.A gentle explanation of the mystery of the vast universe.
KCG Astronomy Club students explained about Tanabata in Part 2.He introduced the origin of Tanabata and related stars.
Astronomical observation on a personal computer using dedicated software.Participating elementary school students were excited about Saturn appearing on the screen.
Participating elementary school brothers who love to see the stars."I want to go someday" staring at the star shining on the computer.
Astronomical observations outdoors were blessed with the weather, and the moon and Saturn were found.

☆ Student IT class “Let's make a summer greeting postcard!July 10 (Sun)


It is a challenge to make a summer greeting with plenty of coolness.There was a wide range of participation from children to 88 years old. KCGI and KCG students carefully explained how to use the computer, and everyone who participated finished the postcard with the design they wanted.The child who completed the work of confidence, was glad that "I will send it to a friend when I enter summer vacation".

KCGI and KCG students are “teachers”.Everyone who participated tried to make a summer greeting with plenty of coolness.
There was a wide range of participation from the elderly to children.
“Send a cool summer greeting and surprise your friends!“The children were crazy about design.

☆ Lecture “About Gion Festival” Friday, July 15

Gion Festival is one of the three major festivals in Kyoto that are familiar with the tone of “Continuous”.On this day of the Sasamiya, 101-year-old Dr. Seiichiro Yoneda (KCG adviser) explained the special lecture time and festival.A special lecture of KCG held before the three major festivals in Kyoto.Many ordinary people attended the meeting with students.Prof. Yoneda spoke carefully about the origins, changes, and highlights of the Gion Festival.The students who attended the course went to Gion Festival.

A 101-year-old KCG special lecture by Mr. Seiichiro Yoneda.There were lots of lectures on the history and highlights of the Gion Festival.
Many students in yukata were seen, and there was a scene of taking a commemorative photo with Dr. Yoneda.
After the lecture, students went to Gion Festival.The students enjoyed the festival surrounded by the tone of “Continuous”.

☆ Micromouse Kansai region conference July 17

Kansai's built-in technology pride gathered, and a quiet but hot battle was developed.The Kansai region tournament was held as the first regional tournament for MicroMouse 2011.The competition aims for the shortest time for an autonomous intelligent robot to search the maze by itself and reach the goal.This time, it was held as part of the “KCG Summer Festa 2011”, and many people came to watch the game.

The competition is divided into two categories, “Classic” and “Half Size”, and a total of 20 teams / persons participate.Using his proud mouse, he ran through the difficult maze course.

In both categories, Mr. Koichi Kojima of the Kyoto University Mechanical Study Group won the championship, and was granted the All Japan Competition Classic Seeding Rights by regulations.A special award was given to Mr. Mikatsu Kurata and Mr. Satoshi Kida (both of the classics) who participated in the KCG control and communication department.

A micro-mouse Kansai region tournament where quiet battles were held.
Each brought their proud mouse.Compete for technology, aiming for the shortest time to goal.
It was held as part of the “KCG Summer Festa” and a large number of spectators visited.
A student in the KCG control and communication department who makes careful adjustments before the competition.The goal is to win the top prize.

☆ Parents and children enjoying a vintage computer exhibition July 23 (Sat)

Elementary school students and their parents said, “Let's finish free summer research early”.Akira Hasegawa Associate Professor KCGI explained the history of computer development, and then visited many historically valuable computers preserved by the KCG Museum.In "Computer Dismantling", we witnessed the mechanism of how the equipment works.The children were taking notes eagerly.

First of all, study the history of development before visiting the computer.
We visited a valuable computer lined up in front of the Kyoto Station school.
In "Dismantling the computer", I stood out and looked into it.

☆ Art Student Exhibition July 23 (Sat)

3DCG, illustrations, animation, web design, short movies and other works by students and teachers of art, design studies and departments studied at KCG Kamogawa School were exhibited and introduced.

Students from the department of art / design / department showed their daily achievements.

☆ Student IT class "Let's make a mouse pad" July 23 (Sat)

Only one mouse pad in the world is ready! Many elementary school students and parents participated.KCGI students carefully instructed and participants completed their designs and finished the mouse pad while drawing freely and digitally processing their favorite photos and illustrations.

Many children participated in making a summer vacation dish.
KCGI students carefully give instructions on how to use a computer.
Children are crazy about making designs using illustrations
Once the design is complete, the next step is to paste urethane and finish it.
Only one mouse pad has been completed in the world!

☆ Student IT course “Introduction to Facebook!July 23 (Sat)

“Facebook” is used not only for online exchange but also for studying and business.There were a wide range of participants, who participated in the course and made a "debut".KCGI students explained carefully from the beginning.

A wide range of people participated to make their Facebook debut.
KCGI students carefully explained even beginners.
Everyone made a successful debut and was told that they would like to expand the circle of interaction in the future.

☆ Collect train lovers!Railway Workshop Sunday, July 24

KCG Kyoto Station and the JR Kintetsu Kyoto Line and JR Line (Tokaido Main Line, Sanin Main Line) spread out under the eyes, and KCG Kyoto Station School is an unbearable location for railway fans looking to the Toji Temple Pagoda and Shinkansen on the south side.Many people participated in the railway workshop that the KCG Group opened for the first time as part of “Summer Festa 2011”.Most of the families were parents and children, but there was also a “genuine school” with a single-lens reflex camera.Together with Koji professor Keiji Emi from “Dr. Railroad”, we enjoyed taking photos at the angle we wanted and a train simulator experience.In particular, it was a fuss when the limited express Nihonkai from 18:22 Kyoto to Aomori passed.

① Participants were excited by the train simulator experience.

☆ Chorus with everyone Sunday, July 24

Kyoto Information Graduate University The melody resounded in the satellite concert hall in front of Kyoto Station.The theme is “Japanese-Nagomi together with a relaxing time”.The first part is the WAYRA stage where we continue to perform all over Japan to convey the traditional folk music “Folcrole” in the Andes region.Three members from Peru and Ecuador who appeared in Indio national costumes played a bamboo flute "Kena" and a stringed instrument "Charango", and engraved a light rhythm with a message dedicated to "Mother Earth" .Part 2 gives a lesson on “Dogwood” for each part.A big circle was completed through the song.

Three of WAYRA who carve light rhythm.The song includes a message dedicated to the “Mother Earth” in the Andes region (Part 1).
In the second part, everyone went up to the stage and sang “Dogwood”.