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Lecture by Tomotaka Takahashi “Creation of the Robot Age” will be held on June 22

Mr. Takahashi recreating the appearance of
Mr. Takahashi recreating the appearance of "EVOLTA" climbing the Grand Canyon

Robot Creator Tomotaka Takahashi (Representative Director of Robo Garage Co., Ltd., Advanced Science and Technology Research Center, University of Tokyo) ) “Creation of the Robot Age” was held at the Kyoto Information Graduate University Kyoto Station Satellite Hall.Mr. Takahashi introduced his own robots “EVOLTA” and “ROBI” and gave a demonstration and introduced the robot's plan for space flight by the end of the year. He talked about the potential of the audience and attracted a large audience, including the general public.

Takahashi explained as an opportunity to become a robot scientist, “When I was in elementary school, I read the comics and Astro Boy, and was inspired by the many scenes that make robots.”After a while, I was so absorbed in other hobbies that I had less thought of robots. Admission to.Robots developed while in school won prizes one after another in venture contests and idea contests, brought to manufacturers, and commercialized. After graduation, Robo Garage was founded as Kyoto University's first venture.

Since then, the number of robots we have developed counts about 30.Among them, the 17 cm “EVOLTA” adopted in the CM to promote the durability of the battery of the electric manufacturer succeeded in climbing the cliff of the Grand Canyon along the rope by about 530 meters.In addition, he achieved 24 hours of Le Mans, passed through 53 days of Tokaido 53, and completed a triathlon in Hawaii (3.8 km swimming, 180 km bicycle, 42 km marathon).In the lecture, we brought “EVOLTA” and a rope together to reproduce the appearance of climbing the Grand Canyon.In addition, at the demonstration of the humanoid robot “ROBI” (34cm), they demonstrated that they could talk and sing and dance.

This year, he introduced the world's first space flight plan for a humanoid robot.“We have already cleared 14 safety tests, and will fly into space within the year to play an active role as an astronaut's experimental assistant and communicator.I now want to tell the world that robots can communicate with people. "Furthermore, “I am confident that in the near future, there will be an era with one robot per person instead of a smartphone.It will start in Japan, where manufacturing power is overwhelmingly strong.The robot has endless possibilities, ”he concluded.

Mr. Takahashi is called “Robot Genius” because his self-made robot “CHROINO” was selected as “The Coolest Invention” by Time Magazine.The RoboCup World Tournament, which competes for the technological capabilities of robots in soccer matches, won five consecutive titles from 2004 to 2008.“The robot team wants to win the winning team of the soccer World Cup around 2050,” he says.

"ROBI" was a robot that could talk, sing and dance

Memorial Lecture “Creation of the Robot Age” by Robot Creator Tomotaka Takahashi /