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Alumni Association Executive Committee Meeting Held -- Ahead of Next Year's 50th Anniversary

The Alumni Association Executive Committee for next year's 50th anniversary of KCG held a meeting on Saturday, June 6, attended by about 40 KCGI and KCG alumni.Alumni enjoyed the nostalgic atmosphere of their alma mater and vowed to make the commemorative event a success in celebrating this major milestone.

Commemorative events will begin with a pre-event this year, culminating in a commemorative ceremony on June 1 next year, and will continue through March 2014 with lectures and various other events.Alumni who gathered on this day will participate in the event as staff members, and together with the faculty and staff, will play a role in making the 50th anniversary a great success.

On the 6th, at the main hall of the satellite in front of Kyoto Station of Kyoto Institute of Information Science, President Wataru Hasegawa explained the current situation of the university and called for active participation of alumni in the commemorative events.After an overview of the 50th anniversary events was given, the meeting moved to the lounge for a reception.

At the reception, each of the alumni gave an update on their recent activities.Alumni from the pioneer days of the school, from those who graduated in 1972 to those who just graduated this spring, talked with each other across generations and confirmed their ties to their alma mater.The evening was a great success, and we were determined to make the 50th anniversary a success.

Alumni in their 60s who knew the pioneering period also participated.
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They pledged their success for the 50th anniversary.