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KCG AWARDS 2021 Grand Prize Students Interviewed by Epic Games

Mr. Toyoda, Ms. Kazui, Ms. Waseda, and Mr. Miyashita from the Game Department, and Mr. Shimada and Ms. Imori from the Game Development Department were interviewed by Epic Games, a world-renowned creator of games such as "Fortnite," and the interview was published on their website on June 11.

The article is called "Interview with Six Students Who Won an Award After Short-Term Development for the Production of "Soundgarden of Ein"" ( students talked about their award-winning works created using Unreal Engine 4 (UE4), a game engine provided by Unreal Engine 4, including the production period, their creative ideas and persistence, communication methods during production in an online environment, and their impressions and methods of learning UE4.He also said to other students who aspire to become game creators, "If you want to become a game designer, I want you not only to think about games, but also to actually try your hand at making them.I had no knowledge of games until I entered a technical college, but I was able to create a work like Ein's in the sound garden by learning UE4, so I would like you to try UE4.

Yuya Shiotani, the interviewer for Epic Games, is a KCG alumnus who graduated from the Department of Games in 2019 and has been working in game development as a game planner.He joined Epic Games Japan in 2021 and has been active as a speaker at their events and a judge for their game creation contest.Mr. Shiotani himself was also nominated for the KCG AWARDS in 2018 for his work.Headquartered in Cary, NC, Epic Games is a leading interactive entertainment company and 3D engine technology provider with over 40 offices worldwide.The company operates the game "Fortnite," which has more than 350 million accounts and 2.5 billion connections, and develops the Unreal Engine, which is used not only in games but also in film, TV, architecture, automotive, manufacturing, and other industries.

The "KCG AWARDS 2021 - Student Work Presentation" is held every year, where students present the culmination of their studies and research results in the form of a presentation.The best entries will be selected at the "Project Practice Presentation" and the Grand Prize will be decided by a panel of judges who are active on the cutting edge of the IT and game industries.

Detailed information is available on the "KCG AWARDS 2021 - Student Work Presentation" page.

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