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Robots Compete in Running - ET Robocon 2011 Kansai Regional Competition

A two-wheeled robot blasted through a circuit at the ET Robocon 2011 Kansai Regional Conference (sponsored by the Embedded Systems Technology Association of Japan) held on September 18 at the Kyoto Station Satellite Hall of The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics.The highlight of the event was a competition in which autonomous two-wheeled robots ran a predetermined course and competed to clear time and obstacles.The hardware of the robots were identical (inverted pendulum using Lego Mindstorms NXT) according to the regulations, and the level of software incorporated into the robots was competed.KCGI and KCG helped organize the Kansai Regional Conference in the form of "special cooperation and hosting cooperation.

Twenty-four teams from all over the Kansai region participated in the competition.The "Kyoto Curry" team from our university also participated in the competition.Although they regrettably did not qualify, they were warmly applauded for their good performance.The team consisted of Shigeto Okuda, a first-year KCGI student; Yusuke Kawachi, a KCGI graduate; Muneki Urakami, a fourth-year student in the Computer and Amusement Course (currently the Game Department) of the KCG Information Department; and Ouyang, a first-year KCGI student.Although they had accumulated a lot of preparation in between their busy studies, they expressed their disappointment, saying that they had not adjusted well enough due to the lack of testing.

After the competition, a modeling workshop was held to judge the quality of the models of software design, and the models were critiqued by KCGI Associate Professor Keiji Emi, who chairs the executive committee, and other members of the committee.The results of the competition and the evaluation of the models were combined and four teams were selected to participate in the championship competition (national competition) to be held in Yokohama in November.

Course of the competition with various obstacles
A moment before the run."The robot of "Kyoto Curry" is number 8.Mr. Muneki Urakami is pushing the switch for the run.
A bombing robot.
Team members are interviewed after the race.From right to left: Shigeto Okuda, Yusuke Kawachi, and Muneki Urakami.
KCGI Associate Professor Keiji Emi, Kansai Region Executive Committee Chair, critiques each team's model.