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Build a trustworthy ".kyoto" structure.Kyoto Environment Association Prefectural Citizens' Seminar to be held on June 27

Professor Shozo Naito, KCGI, talking about the great potential of
KCGI Professor Shozo Naito talks about the great potential of ".kyoto

This year's resident seminar (Kyoto Prefectural SMEs) organized by the Kyoto Information Industry Association (abbreviation: Kyokyokyo, Chairman: Kyoto Computer Gakuin University, President of Kyoto Computer Gakuin, Secretariat: Kyoto Computer Gakuin in front of Kyoto Station) Co-sponsored by the Technology Center, Kyoto Sangyo 21, Kyoto Advanced Technology Research Institute, Kyoto Industrial Association, Kyoto Chamber of Commerce, and IT Consortium Kyoto sponsorship), The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics on Thursday, June 27 It was held at the satellite hall in front of the Kyoto station, and there were many lectures including members of the Kyojo Association and the general public.

The lecture, titled "Expectations and Applications of the Top-Level Domain .kyoto (Dot Kyoto) - Creation of a Clean Domain by All-Kyoto", looked ahead to the future of the new geographic top-level domain, which will be operational as early as 2014 with KCGI as the managing operator (registry).

The lecturer was Prof. Shozo Naito of KCGI (former Senior Researcher, Information Distribution Platform Laboratory, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation; former Secretary, Internet Research Group, Institute of Electronics and Communication Engineers; former Advisory Professor, Korea Information Protection Agency (KISA); former President, Japan Chapter of Information Systems Society).

After explaining the history of the Internet and the current status of domain name management, Professor Naito introduced the 1930 applications submitted to ICANN, the U.S. organization that manages domain names worldwide, 66 of which, including Tokyo, Paris, and Kyoto, are in the top-level domain of geographical names.It is significant that KCGI is the only public interest corporation among the applicants for the registry of geographical name top-level domains, and that it is an educational institution.All others are private for-profit companies, etc.KCGI will design the system with the all-Kyoto system of industry, government, and academia, and will aim for a domain that maintains a high degree of trustworthiness with an emphasis on public interest and public service," he stressed.

Furthermore, "physical (reality) Kyoto is widely recognized as one of the world's leading brands.From now on, it will be possible to more powerfully communicate Kyoto's attractiveness to the world by utilizing the physical and cyber (Internet) space ".kyoto" in a complementary manner, which is expected to contribute to the development of Kyoto's social economy and culture," he said.

We also called for participation in 「”.kyoto”ユーザ対象セミナー」, which is being held with the aim of deepening public understanding of the possibilities for creating new businesses and developing Kyoto society through the use of ".kyoto".


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