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Papua New Guinea senior officials conducted distance learning at KCG on the 6th and 7th

As part of JICA's “Distance Education Plan Training for Improving the Quality and Quantity of Papua New Guinea Education” by JICA to support distance education, which the independent countries of Papua New Guinea support, June 6 On the 2nd and 7th of the day, we will visit the Kyoto Computer Gakuin Kyoto Station School of the group school, and conduct educational tours and training using the Internet.KCG, which has a proven track record, such as introducing an e-learning system ahead of other educational institutions and offering a wide variety of distance classes, will support the country's efforts.

There is a shortage of educational institutions and teachers in the country while the enrollment population is increasing.To make up for this, we are focusing on distance education using TV.

In the training, we plan to visit KCG's e-learning studio classroom and experience remote learning using the e-learning system.

KCG celebrated its 50th anniversary this year, and on June 1, the 50th anniversary ceremony was held at the Kyoto International House.The ceremony was attended by His Excellency Ambassador Ambassador Gabriel John Clero Dusaba, who gave his congratulations.KCG donated 53 computers to the University of Goroka in 2009 and provided computer education support in 2009 as an overseas computer education support activity (IDCE) that has been underway for many years.That led to the participation of the Ambassador to Japan at the commemorative ceremony, and the implementation of JICA training by senior officials of the Ministry of Education.



Papua New Guinea Ministry of Education JICA Training



Name of training Senior official of the Ministry of Education, Papua New Guinea “Distance education plan training to improve the quality and quantity of PNG education”

  1. Eliakin Apellis, Team Leader Curriculum and Standards Assistant Secretary General
    Dr. Eliakim Apelis MPS – Team Leader, First Assistant Secretary, Curriculum and Standards
  2. Kamilus Kanau General Manager, Standards & Guidance Bureau
    Mr. Camilus Kanau, Superintendent Oepration, Standards & Guidance Division
  3. Mr. Steven Hupigo Tandare Elementary Curriculum Manager
    Mr. Steven Tandale, Principal Curriculum Officer, Curriculum Development & Assessment Division (CDAD)
  4. Michael Mele Teacher Education Staff
    Mr. Michael Mere, Teacher Development officer, Teacher Education Division
  5. Neville Unduka Senior Lecturer, Institute of Education, Papua New Guinea
    Mr. Neville Unduka, Senior Lecturer, Papua New Guiana Education Institute
  6. Mr. Gran Benny TV Program Director, National Center for Educational Media
    Mr. Glen Benny, TV Director, National Education Media Center (NEMC)
  7. Antonia Manahave National Center for Educational Media Media Curriculum Staff
    Ms. Antonia Manahave, Media Curriculum Officer, NEMC
  8. Salome Ilima Model School Model Teacher
    Ms. Salomie Irima, Model Teacher, Model school