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KCGI tops MOT ranking

Ltd., which ranks management of technology (MOT) and master of business administration (MBA) education programs at graduate schools and universities, has released the results of its latest trial evaluation, placing Kyoto Graduate Institute of Information (KCGI) at the top (second overall) in the ranking of MOT programs alone.KCGI was also considered the top performer in the previous evaluation results.

A total of 109 MOT and MBA courses (8 of which belong to both categories) were included in the evaluation.Based on public information and questionnaire surveys, the International Institute for Strategic Design evaluated, analyzed, and scored the following aspects: (1) students, (2) faculty, (3) curriculum, (4) infrastructure, (5) open network, (6) performance, and (7) management.As a result, KCGI was the top MOT stand-alone program with 62.6 points.

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Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc., which has been commissioned by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to evaluate MOT education programs at graduate schools and universities, also announced the results of its trial evaluation (conducted with the aim of establishing an accreditation system in the future).KCGI was rated as particularly excellent in the categories of - setting educational goals - curriculum structure - and support system for students.

In particular, the program was highly evaluated for its "clear vision of the kind of human resources that should be cultivated: 'human resources with IT skills based on Web information, which is in high demand in society, and management skills,'" its "unique aim of MOT based on information system technology," its "education, guidance, and support system that takes into account the diverse needs of students," and its "well-developed information infrastructure, including the establishment of a remote lecture system.The overall finding is that "the program and system are highly unique and extremely practice-oriented.He is also keen to improve the program.Faculty members come from diverse backgrounds".

The environment has changed drastically since the era of total university enrollment, and competition among universities has become fierce. As a result, the importance of MOT is being recognized, and MOT graduate schools are being established in many places.Under such circumstances, KCGI, which opened in 2004 as the first IT professional graduate school in Japan to train web business professionals, has received high praise not only from the industry but also from the government.It can be said that our stance and efforts to develop the human resources demanded by the times have been recognized once again.

(KCGI was also introduced on the website of International Strategic Design Institute Inc.