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KCGI tops MOT ranking

International Institute for Strategic Design, Inc., which ranks MOT (Management of Technology) and MBA (Master of Business Administration) education programs at graduate schools and graduate universities, has recently announced the latest trial evaluation results. The university (KCGI) was ranked as the top ranking (2nd overall) in the MOT independent program.KCGI is also ranked top in the previous evaluation results.

The evaluation targets 109 courses (8 of them belong to both), including both MOT and MBA.Based on public information and questionnaire surveys, the International Strategy Design Institute evaluated, analyzed, and scored from the viewpoints of (1) students, (2) teachers, (3) curriculum, (4) infrastructure, (5) open network, (6) performance, and (7) management.As a result, KCGI scored 62.6, which was the top MOT single program.

In addition, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Ltd., which has been commissioned by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as an evaluation organization for MOT education programs at graduate schools and graduate universities, also gave results of trial evaluations (implemented for the purpose of establishing a future certification system). Announced.KCGI is highly evaluated in the following categories: ▽ Education goal setting ▽ Curriculum structure ▽ Support system for students.

In particular, “We are working to clarify the image of human resources to be cultivated,“ human resources who have both IT skills based on web information with high social needs and management skills ”. It is unique in that it aims to be a MOT, and has an education, guidance, and support system that takes into account the diverse needs of students, ”and“ information infrastructure is in place, such as the construction of a remote lecture system. ” It was highly appreciated.As a general observation, “Developing highly unique programs and systems that are extremely business oriented.He is also keen to improve the program.Teachers have diverse backgrounds. "

While the environment has changed drastically, such as when the university is fully enrolled, and competition among universities has become intense, the importance of MOT is being recognized and MOT graduate schools are being established in various locations.Under such circumstances, KCGI, which opened in 2004 as the first IT professional graduate school in Japan to train web business professionals, has received high acclaim from not only the industry but also the country. .It can be said that the attitude and efforts aimed at the development of human resources required by the times were once again recognized.

KCGI was also introduced on the website of International Strategic Design Institute. # 2008/07/11.html