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Measures in Response to the Spread of New Influenza Infection (e-learning support)

Dear Students

On Thursday, May 21, a new strain of influenza was confirmed in Kyoto City, and Kyoto Prefecture and Kyoto City have requested that the school be closed.The University will not close the school or cancel classes, but will take measures to suspend attendance for classes.

From May 22 (Fri.) to 27 (Wed.), classes will be conducted via e-learning.Please note that the way of teaching using the Blackboard learning system differs depending on the instructor of each class.

All events involving multiple students will be cancelled or replaced.In principle, job guidance and career counseling are also provided via e-mail.Activities in which multiple students meet face-to-face, such as club and circle activities, should be cancelled and, if necessary, conducted by correspondence.

In addition, students are requested to continue to take the following measures to prevent the spread of infection.

  1. If you have any symptoms of influenza infection such as fever or cough, please call the Fever Center and receive instructions before going to see a doctor.
  2. Please take all necessary precautions to prevent infection.
    • Refrain from going out unnecessarily
    • Thorough gargling and hand washing
    • Wear a mask (when you are in an enclosed space such as a train or bus, or when you have to go out)
  3. Students who are looking for a job have more opportunities for infection due to their wider range of activities [1].Please follow the infection prevention measures described in [2] and take good care of your health.If you have a fever, cough, or other symptoms of influenza infection, please do not attend the briefing sessions or employment examinations and contact the company to which you are applying or the Career Center.The Career Center will be open during the period when students are not attending school for classes.(Please call or e-mail us to let us know what you need.)
  4. Details of the e-learning classes will be announced on the campus portal and Blackboard learning system.
  5. We ask all students to accurately assess their own situation and act based on a calm judgment.