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KCGI enrollment capacity to 700 students beginning in FY2023.Approx. 9 times that at the time of the school's opening

The Kyoto College of Guraduate Studies in Informatics (KCGI) will increase its enrollment capacity for the academic year 2023 from 600 to 700 students.In December 2022, a notification of change was submitted to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.This is approximately nine times the enrollment capacity of 80 students when the school opened in 2004.In August 2022, a new building will be completed at the Hyakumanben campus of the main school in Kyoto, and the school will be ready to accept students.As the first IT professional graduate school in Japan, we will continue our efforts to foster leaders who will lead the IT industry in Japan and abroad.

With the increase in the admission capacity, the admission capacity will be 1,300 in FY2023 and 1,400 in FY2024 and thereafter.

While IT for business applications continues to make progress, according to the human resource supply estimates by the three ministries of Economy, Trade and Industry, Health, Labor and Welfare, and Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, there is a shortage of approximately 220,000 IT personnel in Japan as of 2018, and the demand for IT for security measures and the spread of electric vehicles will continue to grow in the future.

Under these circumstances, the university, which has nurtured top leaders in the field of IT applications and produced competent human resources, is attracting increasing attention, and the number of applicants for admission from Japan and abroad is rapidly growing.In response to this situation, the university has decided to increase its admission capacity in order to meet the demands of society.

The new building, with four stories above ground and one below, is an advanced and innovative building equipped with high-flex classrooms that can accommodate various learning styles such as active learning, innovation rooms that promote the development of new ideas, individual work booths for online classes and meetings, a library with books mainly on IT, and a large lecture hall that functions as a multipurpose hall.Since the university offers many lectures in English, many international students from not only Asia and Europe but also Africa and Central and South America have been studying at the university in recent years.