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KCG 60th Anniversary Event - Youth Forum to be held in April to encourage participation in the International Net Conference

In order to encourage student participation in international Internet-related conferences and develop global human resources, the Kyoto College of Informatics (KCGI) will hold a forum for young people on Friday, April 14, 2023, from 4:00 p.m. in collaboration with the International Committee of the Japan Information Technology Association (IT Association), Japan Internet Providers Association (JAIPA), and Japan Unified Communications Carriers Association (JUSA).This hybrid event will be held online and at the KCGI Tokyo Satellite, and is open to high school, vocational school, college, and university students, as well as the general public, who are interested.Participation is free.

Kyoto Computer Gakuin (KCG), the parent organization of KCGI, has developed as the first computer education institution in Japan since the "FORTRAN Research Group" was established in 1963 and the "Computer Programming Workshop" was conducted for academic researchers at Kyoto University, and is celebrating its 60th anniversary.This year, the Internet Governance Forum 2023 (IGF2023), an international conference organized by the United Nations, will be held at the Kyoto International Conference Center (October 8-12) to discuss public policy issues related to the Internet among governments, the private sector, the technical and academic communities, and civil society.The meeting will discuss the establishment of rules and mechanisms necessary for the stable operation of the Internet, as well as a system for studying and implementing these rules and mechanisms.This is the first time the conference, which began in 2006, has been held in Japan.KCG plans to hold various Internet-related events throughout the year, beginning with this forum for youth, as part of its 60th anniversary celebration.

Conferences sponsored by the United Nations are said to be very serious and the hurdles to participation are high.The forum for youth will be a place where they can feel free to participate, and we will lower the psychological hurdle for participation by explaining the background of the international conference and necessary knowledge, and introduce the experiences of those who have participated in the IGF through video and other means to help them understand the background of the discussions at the venue.Meanwhile, JAIPA and JUSA plan to jointly implement the participation program in the future so that students and schools can participate more meaningfully.

The IT Alliance, one of the organizers of the Youth Forum, is the largest industry organization in Japan with more than 60 IT-related organizations (about 5,000 member companies with a total of 4 million employees). With the goal of fostering excellent IT human resources and building a world-class IT society, the organization is actively engaged in various activities, including various measures to promote IT education and making various proposals through two-way communication with the government.Wataru Hasegawa, KCG Group General Manager, serves as Representative Director and First Vice Chairman.Professor Toshiaki Tateishi, KCGI, is a member of the Board of Directors of the IT Federation and Vice President of JAIPA.


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