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Dr. Takao Nakaguchi, who has graduated from KCG and completed KCGI, received a doctorate from Kyoto University

Dr. Takao Nakaguchi, KCGI who received a doctorate from Kyoto University
Dr. Takao Nakaguchi, KCGI who received a doctorate from Kyoto University

Dr. Takao Nakaguchi, Assistant Professor, Kyoto University of Information Sciences (KCGI), Department of International Information Processing (at the time), Kyoto Computer Gakuin (KCG) Kamogawa School in 1995, Department of Information Science, KCG Kamogawa School (currently Kyoto Station School) After graduating from Japan, he worked for a software development company, and then entered KCGI in 2004 as a student at the same time as an adult student. I worked on it.

After completing KCGI in 2006, he moved to NTT Advanced Technology Co., Ltd., and participated in the research and development of Language Grid that provides language services necessary for multilingual communication as part of his work. After changing to a researcher at the department, he entered the doctoral program at the same department and continued research on the same subject.He submitted a doctoral dissertation "Research on Distributed Service Infrastructure for Multilingual Communication" and was awarded a doctoral degree (informatics) from Kyoto University at the degree awarding ceremony held on September 25, 2017. It was.Prof. Nakaguchi is the first KCG graduate and KCGI graduate who received a doctorate from Kyoto University.

Prof. Nakaguchi's doctoral degree is a step board for more advanced research, as well as the high quality of KCG and KCGI's IT education that the teacher has acquired the basics and applied skills in the field of informatics. It also tells what will happen.Nakaguchi-sensei is currently working on research and development at KCGI and nurturing the next generation.If you are a student who wants to study in the field of informatics, why don't you study IT at the forefront of the times with Professor Nakaguchi at KCG and KCGI?