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KCG Graduate and KCGI Alumnus Takao Nakaguchi Receives Doctorate from Kyoto University

KCGI's Dr. Takao Nakaguchi, who was awarded a doctorate from Kyoto University
KCGI's Dr. Takao Nakaguchi, who was awarded a doctorate from Kyoto University

Dr. Takao Nakaguchi, Assistant Professor at Kyoto College of Computer and The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics (KCGI), graduated from Kyoto Computer Gakuin (KCG) Kamogawa School in 1995 and KCG Kamogawa School in 1996, and worked at a software development company.

After completing KCGI in 2006, he moved to NTT Advanced Technology Corporation, where as part of his duties he participated in the research and development of a language grid that provides language services for multilingual communication. In 2014, he moved to the Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University, where he continued his research on the same topic by entering the doctoral program of the same department.He submitted his doctoral dissertation, "Research on Distributed Service Infrastructure for Multilingual Communication," and received the degree of Doctor of Informatics from Kyoto University at the degree conferment ceremony held on September 25, 2017.Dr. Nakaguchi was the first KCG graduate and KCGI alumnus to receive a doctoral degree from Kyoto University.

The awarding of Dr. Nakaguchi's doctoral degree is a testament not only to the high quality of the IT education at KCG and KCGI, where he has acquired basic and applied skills in the field of informatics, but also to the step board for more advanced research.Dr. Nakaguchi is currently engaged in research and development at KCGI and is committed to the further development of his alma mater.If you are interested in studying informatics, why not join Dr. Nakaguchi at KCG and KCGI to learn the most advanced IT of our time?