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First graduate student!Passed "SAP Certified Solution Consultant Financials" Exam

A second-year student at Kyoto Information Graduate University passed the “SAP Certified Solution Consultant Financials” exam by SAP Germany.It is said that this test will not pass without specialized education from vendors. However, as a result of this training by two teachers from a business professor who has a lot of practical experience at the University and a young teacher who is strong in economy and IT, , It was a great achievement as a graduate student for the first time.

SAP is the most commonly used ERP (Enterprise Integrated Resource Management) package software in the world.However, due to the complexity of the system, there are few engineers who can use it in Japan.Engineers are required not only to have knowledge of ERP packages, but also to have business knowledge and consulting skills to coordinate between ERP packages and operations, so it is said that training is difficult.

Prof. Harufumi Ueda and assistant professor Yi Li, who taught, commented as follows.“With the rapid growth of the Internet society, the shortage of advanced IT engineers has become a major problem.In particular, ERP is said to be effective in dealing with internal control reports (JSOX Law: Japanese Corporate Reform Act) required for listed companies since the fiscal year ended March 31, 2009. Serious.Therefore, The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics wants to quickly and quickly produce many ERP consultants with expertise in both IT and management. "

About certified consultants by SAP

SAP conducts various certification tests on SAP products and officially certifies those who pass the test as consultants with knowledge of the SAP system.Being certified is a proof that you have the knowledge and know-how about SAP products that you need to work as a member of the SAP product implementation project team.

(Quoted from the SAP Japan website)