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Co-sponsored “Kyo Mafu” this year The KCG booth is packed with events!

September 17 (Kyoto International Manga and Anime Fair (Kyo Mafu) 2016) (sponsored by the same executive committee / Kyoto City) co-sponsored by KCG Group (The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics, Kyoto Computer Gakuin, Kyoto Automobile College) It will be held on Saturday and Saturday, 18th, centering on the Kyoto City Kogyokan.The KCG group exhibited a booth, set up a gacha of KCG mascot character “Kyokotan” goods, and held a “Liquid Tab Experience Workshop” to create an original fan using a liquid crystal pen tablet. Are preparing.If you are registered with KCG's LINE @, you will receive a clear file of “Kyokotan” as a gift.Please come to the KCG booth! As a linked event, the fastest screening of the TV animation “Masou Shoujin” (hosted by KBS Kyoto etc.) will also be held at Kyoto Information Graduate University Kyoto Ekimae Satellite Hall from 4pm on the 17th.

Applications for the Liquid Tab Experience Workshop will be accepted at the venue (KCG booth) on that day.It is free (excluding Kyomafu entrance fee of 1200 yen), but the number of participants is limited.The voice actors Ayaka Suwa (as Makoto Emperor) and Naomi Ozora (as Yuma Kusanagi) will be invited as guests and will have a fun talk show.All seats reserved, 1500 yen (sold on Ticket Pia and Seven Tickets).

In addition, a live final screening and awards ceremony for “Voice Actor in Kyoto 2016” (KCG group cooperation) will be held at the Kyoto International Forum (Miyako Messe) from 0:30 pm on the 18th.This is the Kyoto tournament for the voice festival, the all-Japan voice actor contest, and the 5th "voice actor soul" main competition for junior and senior high school students who want to become voice actors.Passers of the second screening held at KCG Kyoto Station School on September 11 will challenge to become a representative of Kyoto.The guest judge is “Free!"Isshiro Nitori" and "Yangan Ronpa Hope's School and Desperate High School Students" Fujita Sakiki, a voice actor known for her role as Chihiro Fujisaki.There will also be a talk event for Miyata-san on this day.The winner of the Grand Prize will be eligible to participate in the 5th Annual Voice Actor Finals Competition held in Tokyo on November 13.

Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2016