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Chorus circle "U-Choir" performed refreshing singing voice at Kyoto Chorus Festival.

A chorus circle “U-Choir” composed of students, guardians, and faculty members of The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics (KCGI) and Kyoto Computer Gakuin (KCG) was held at the Yahata City Cultural Center on Sunday, June 9 Performed at the 50th Kyoto Choral Festival.They fully demonstrated the results of their daily practice and filled the venue with their refreshing singing voices.

They sang "Tsubasa wo kudasai" and "YELL" (Ikimono-gakari).Since many of the members of the club are international students from China, it was decided that the song "Tsubasa wo Motomegai" would be sung in Chinese, and the Japanese members of the club received extensive instruction on pronunciation from the international students before the day of the concert.The audience enjoyed the performance and gave a warm applause.

About 120 groups participated in this year's Kyoto Chorus Festival, which celebrated its 50th year, the same as the KCG Group.Each of the four groups also sang children's songs together, including "Spring Has Come," "Medaka no Gakko," "Train Poppo," and other children's songs with the children's choir and a male chorus group of university alumni.Not only the international students, but also the Japanese student members who did not know these nursery rhymes seemed to be happy to be able to sing together with people of various generations.

U-Choir will hold its annual "KCG Summer Festa: Let's Sing Together!" on Sunday, July 28 at Kyoto Institute of Information, Kyoto Station Satellite Concert Hall.We will continue to practice for theThis year's "Let's Sing Together!"The theme of the exhibition is "a moment of peace of mind".The first part was a chorus by the choir "D'a-uovo" (Dogwood, Mother's Hand, etc.).In the second part, we will have a lesson of "Paper Cranes" under the direction and guidance of Mr. Yohei Yoshimura, and sing a big chorus together.Why don't you spend a relaxing time with U-Choir, listening to and singing with the chorus in this hall with a good reputation for its excellent acoustics?