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Mr. Yuya Yamanaka, KCGI student who got HTML5 certification, was interviewed.

Yuya Yamanaka with his HTML5 certification certificate.
Yuya Yamanaka with his HTML5 certification certificate.

In March this year, Yuya Yamanaka, a student student studying at The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics (KCGI), passed the IT5 qualification HTML5 certification test (level 1), and is a comprehensive media medium that handles publication and content production. I was interviewed by the company Shosuisha (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo).KCGI and its group school Kyoto Computer Gakuin (KCG), which have traditionally offered classes and intensive lectures on HTML5 technology, were certified in November 2016 as the first "HTML5 Academic School" among higher education institutions in the Kansai region by LPI-Japan (Linux Professional Institute Japan), a non-profit organization that conducts certification examinations for Linux and HTML5.Mr. Yamanaka is learning about IT and system development at KCGI while working at a financial institution.In this interview, Mr. Yamanaka's advisor, Associate Professor Keiji Emi, and LPI-Japan President Gen Narui were also present, and it was a trilogy style.

In the interview, Associate Professor Emi first explained the background of teaching HTML5 at KCGI and KCG, and its characteristics and usefulness, followed by Ms. Yamanaka who said, "I did not know anything about HTML5 when I entered KCGI, but when I studied it, I found that it is easy to code and has excellent graphics.I'd like to use these skills to develop the company's own applications, and I'd also like to challenge the more advanced HTML5 certification exam," he said about his motivation for acquiring the certification and his future prospects.In response to Ms. Yamanaka's comments, Chancellor Narui said, "People who challenge certification exams are active people, and they will be proactive in the company.HTML5 is very useful, so people who can use it well will be required more and more in the future.I hope that Mr. Yamanaka will use his skills to do a great job.

This trilogy is scheduled to be published on the website "Shakugaku Zine", which is a website provided by Shoyusha for those in charge of recruiting and training IT engineers, offering the latest information on IT qualifications and exam preparation.Associate Professor Emi, who teaches HTML5 classes at KCG Group, will also be introduced in "Introduction of LPI-Japan HTML5 Partner Instructors", a website where LPI-Japan introduces instructors of each HTML5 academic certification school.

Shoyusha Qualification Zine (Shikaku Zine)
Introduction of LPI-Japan HTML5 Partner Instructors

LPI-Japan President Gen Narui, Associate Professor Emi, and Mr. Yuya Yamanaka were interviewed (from left).
LPI-Japan President Gen Narui, Associate Professor Emi, and Mr. Yuya Yamanaka were interviewed (from left).